Have been researching and emailing tournament directors looking to create a list of east coast states available for play or dates they expect to open. Looking to create a centralized forum location for people in the know to provide info about what is open or opening. We are a 15U based out of the MD/VA/DC area and fly/travel a national schedule. Just want some "drive to" options, and thought maybe others are also trying to piece this thing together. If there are 15/16U tournaments which are happening in next couple weeks within driving distance from the DMV let us know because we are looking to play. Want to get something in before we head to Alabama for our first PG event. Good luck everyone I know this sucks!

What we heard is open: West Virginia, Missouri, Mississippi, Wisconsin (partial), Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida...



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FL is technically open but I heard tournaments won’t be played until July 1

PG has two events starting today in FL. One in PCB and one in Lake City. I thought June 1 was the start, but 🤷🏼‍♂️.....

South Carolina is open to play starting June 15.  Can practice starting this Sunday.  Problem is getting to be able to use high school and college fields. 

As far as I know, Arizona tournaments are happening this summer. Our governor just cleared youth sports this week. USA Baseball tournaments have been scheduled later than originally planned.


Can anyone confirm if West Virginia is open?  Just saw a tournament cancelled for this weekend when I thought they were open. Also, anyone have any intel on Pennsylvania? Thanks in advance. I am on a list for updates for North Carolina but haven't heard anything yet.  


A bunch of northwestern PA counties moved into "green" yesterday. In theory, youth sports are allowed in green phase, and PBR planning to hold PA state and junior state games in mid and late June respectively. Maybe someone from western PA has heard more about tournaments? Our region is still in red, unfortunately. NJ also just announced youth sports return as of June 22. Keep an eye on sites like DiamondNation to see what they announce...

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Baseball Factory had a showcase this weekend in GA, next weekend in South Texas.

Tourneys start in S Texas 6/15.

Our old travel team is going to Lake Charles, LA 6/11 for their first tourney.

We are heading to Marietta, GA with East Cobb 6/22-27(to pitch a few innings the first day)  for PG WWBA Qualifier

https://www.perfectgame.org/Ev...ult.aspx?event=11378 and

to Hoover, AL 6/25-29 for the PG 17U National Elite championship  


Fingers crossed for the 17U WWBA in July, not sure how they get access to all the fields needed, even with the shrinking of teams expected with extended dead period. (dropped 60+ teams this week). But hopeful these tourneys take off and are successful and everyone stays safe. 


Team USA tourney in Cary, NC got rescheduled to end of July. 

 More events in TX in July/Aug. Hoping to make World Series in Tomball and PG South TX Prospect Games at Texas A&M mid August.

PBR Underclass Games are on for this Tue @Lakepoint. The PBR Showdown @ Lakepoint is on as well for June 4-7. That said, I think the schedule may be adjusted some, as they were intending to use one nearby HS field, which I don’t believe will be possible. 

Son’s organization is having scrimmages @ Lakepoint yesterday & today. Aside from the frustrating lack of social distancing by some of the parents, it’s been great to be out & watching the boys play. 

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