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Camp Towanda, a family owned and operated, 7-week, coed, traditional sleep-away camp in Northeast Pennsylvania. Our camp is over 235 acres offer all land and water sports and many other activities that develop key social skills by reinforcing group bonding and respect. For a full list of our activities and facilities check out our website! We are filled with down to earth people that know how to have a good time. We hire staff from over 30 states and 20 countries. Working at Camp Towanda, you get to make a real difference in children’s lives and contribute to the tradition and spirit of camp, while learning real-world career-building skills, such as leadership, management, public speaking, responsibility and accountability. We offer internship opportunities for credit too! The role of a counselor varies. Department heads, specialists, group leaders, general counselors and support staff all play a vital role as being a part of the team.

Baseball/softball specialists at Camp Towanda have the opportunity to teach baseball/softball and to our campers; boys and girls, ages 7-17. Additionally, they are responsible for coaching our baseball intracamp games and intercamp leagues, including county-wide tournaments with other camps. This is a great opportunity for both developing professionals to get coaching experience with a wide variety of ages and abilities and for seasoned coaches looking for a fun and engaging way to spend your summer!

Responsibilities include coaching, umping, executing lesson plans and coordinating with Department Head, Program Director and Athletic Director.

Specialists help teach groups of 20-40 campers at a time (boys and girls, ages 7-17).  When you are not instructing in your area of expertise, you will work with the group that you live with (depending on your age you may qualify for private housing), as a General Counselor.  A bunk typically consists of 8-16 campers, 2-3 General Counselors and 2-3 Activity Specialists and a Junior Counselor. Each age group has generally 2-3 bunks lead by a Group Leader.  Our entire camp eats three meals together in a dining hall where the oldest campers serve the meals. We have weekly BBQs and enjoy creative evening activities as a camp family (game shows, campfires, plays, sports leagues, scavenger hunts and more!).

Counselors have a rotating schedule for time off and a day off. When you are in the cabin, you are on-duty and prepared to work! We have endless staff support and training to help you be a successful Activity Specialist. You will need to be at camp prior to the camper’s arrival for your Department-Specific orientation as well as a general orientation led by child development experts and our senior staff. During the summer you have the support of a Department Head, Group Leader, Assistant Group Leader, Head Counselor, Assistant Head Counselor and Owners/Directors, Mitch and Stephanie Reiter.  

Job Requirements:

  • Available mid-June thru mid-August.

  • Candidates are required to complete at least one year of college

  • High School or College-level baseball play

  • Youth coaching experience a plus!

  • Qualified references

  • Great with children

  • Strong work ethic

Housing, Food and Entertainment provided! Plus, travel stipend!



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