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I am superstitious but I realize that I shouldn't be, not all the time anyway.

So here's the deal.  My son has a pair of uniform baseball socks that are showing their age. They kinda matter because the team wears knickers.  If he and his team weren't having a good season I would have switched them out already. But they're having  a good season and tonight is the league championship game.  He leaves in one hour.  Do I give him the brand new pair of socks (because they're just a pair of socks, man, and he might actually get some good energy by having  quality stuff) or do I hold off and let him finish the season with the same socks he started with (because the gods of baseball might wonder why I think the socks that got him to this point are no longer worthy).

I know which way I'm leaning.


I was ionized but I'm okay now... Buckaroo Banzai

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It was easy not to give them to him. Obvious that I had too much time on my hands today.

I think I asked because I came to think buying them was stupid to begin with.

turns out he didn’t have a chance to pitch. Never had the lead which is the situation they would’ve used him in.

lost 2-1 on a suicide squeeze in bottom of 6th. Our other two main pitchers threw really well. Just no run support. We Only had 1hit.

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I was entertained by this thread. I played high school and college ball in the 70’s. It was an era of MLB players having perfectly trimmed uniforms and only the side strips showing on the stirrups. I always wanted to look perfect when I took the field. I almost always got my uniform dirty playing. I was more concerned with getting the stain out than keeping the stink in.

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