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Situation: a throw from the catcher down to 3B is on the foul side of the bag on a tag play. It's a one-hopper that's a tweener.


My argument: job #1 on that throw is to make sure it does not get through, i.e., getting the out is secondary. To that end, what is the proper way to field that throw? Do you get off the bag and square-up? Do you get low for a backhand? Move forward to try to create a short hop? Conversely, move backward to create a long hop?

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Just my opinion.


depends on score, what inning, is the runner "toast", etc....


Close game, especially late in the game, you come off bag, square up and knock it down with chest....early in game if throw has beat the runner on a back pick, then you may try a backhand, and quick swipe....don't think backing up is a good position to be, but you might can move forward and try to smother the ball.  Again, depends on situation....inning, score, was runner too far off.....but I agree normally out is secondary in most every case.

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Originally Posted by redbird5:

If it is an easy short hop, pick it via backhand.  If it is an "in between" hop, square up and block it.

Agree but not always that easy... usually, when 3b goes over to cover the bag, he begins to straddle it turning slightly toward the runner.  So, when reading a throw on the foul side of the bag, he is sort of crossed up trying to get squared up to block it. 

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