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Tidewater Conference Projections:

1. Greenbrier Christian
2. Nansemond-Suffolk Academy
3. Bishop Sullivan Catholic
4. Norfolk Academy
5. Cape Henry Collegiate
6. Norfolk Collegiate
7. Hampton Roads Academy
8. Norfolk Christian
9. Peninsula Catholic
10.Walsingham Academy

Comments on Projections and Best Conference Players?
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Cape Henry might do better than your projection. They return seven starters and their entire pitching staff from last year (but they're still young, the only senior on the team is Tyler Faubert - one of the best hitters in the TCIS). They split with Greenbrier last year, their loss (4-2)in the tournament semis coming via a walkoff homerun by TCIS Player of the Year Sammy Sarafin.
Both Swoope boys are starters at Catholic. Each one has contributed to a line up that had only two consistent bats last year (John Leidig and Brandon Valentine). Soph transfer Josh Mason has shored up the defense and offense there as well. Another soph transfer, Kyle Miller adds speed to the lineup and some offensive punch as well.
Catholic is still pretty week. they lack real talent and confidence to be a good team. the TCIS only has two teams this year with Cape Henry and Greenbrier Christian. Serrafin, Richardson, and Olivo will lead Greenbrier, while Cpe Henry has Faubert, Whited, Kroll, and Ballard. Cape Hnery did beat Greenbrier with freshman pitcher last year Kroll, who already has thrown a no-hitter this year, and took them into the seventh inning of the semi-final game last witht the lead with another fresman last year Tyler Ballard. The game between cape henry and greenbrier should be another good one this year
GCA played real sloppy for both games Saturday. Normally their infield is as solid as anyone’s with Josh Miller-3B/P(VA Wesleyan), Josh Richardson-SS/P (Liberty), Sammy Serafin-2B (Norfolk State), and Mike Olivo-1B (VMI). HC took the early advantage scoring 5 runs in the 1st. Luckily; GCA got it together and came back in the 4th with a frustrated HC pitcher. With a very costly error on HC, GCA tied the game in the 6th and went on to escape the loss in the bottom of the 7th. Sometimes you have to be lucky to win. The luck ran out against St Anne’s. Even though GCA had runners on third and second with 1 out in the bottom of the 7th , just couldn’t produce the hit we needed. GCA will be tested again next Saturday against Bethel and Phoebus at GCA.
GCA 2 - Cape Henry 3

What started out to be a pitchers duel ended up with a victory for CH. With Richardson on the mound he had 14 SO’s but would not be enough. In the 5th GCA had an error at 3rd, then a hit to LF, and #6 came up worked the count full then hit a HR to LF. That proved to be the winning runs. GCA had only 3 hits; 2 from Tiller and 1 from Richardson. CH had only 2 hits.

Season over.

Still the GCA team made a noise around Tidewater. Glad to be part of the program.
Congratulations to GCA on a very successful season. This has been an excellent team who just didn't seem to be able to get up again after a dramatic win in the state championship game. We look forward to seeing a number of these kids playing at the college level.

Congratulations to Cape Henry on a well played game. They simply got the job done in the TCIS semi-finals. Congratulations and good luck in the TCIS championship game.
Freshman lefty pitcher Jack Wynkoop pitched six stellar innings, allowing two runs and three hits (he walked two and both runners scored) to get the win. Soph Tyler Ballard hit a three run homerun in the 5th, and came in to pitch the 7th with no outs and runner on first to get the save. With the exception of two hits in the fifth inning, GCC pitcher Richardson was dominating, allowing a total of, I believe, four base runners. A well played game by both teams.
I think the 1/2 picks are pretty solid. GCA and CHC probably will finish as you picked. The debate is usually over the 3 to 6 slots in the TCIS. I expect that each of the teams you listed 3-6 (and probably Collegiate as well) will battle it out for those slots. I don't know that any one of those teams is dominant.
Originally posted by jaguars:
GCA, with Mcdonald and the addition of Curry from Landstown to go with other strong arms on the staff should be able to take the # 1 spot in the TCIS for 2010.

Agree; that's what nymetsman was predicting as well. We probably need to start a 2010 TCIS thread as this one has spilled over from 2009.
CHC is number 2 and has a very good chance to challenge GCA for number 1 because they were TCIS runner ups last year and have all 9 starters from that tournament returning for the 2010 season. they beat GCA last year in the semi-finals. CHC is still pretty young again for the third year in a row with only 2 seniors and all of those young starters have experience.

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