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Catholic- most definetly will be led by Seniors Zach Haney, Garrett Parker, and Billy Martin
Haney throws strikes, gets ahead of hitters, and hits hit spots well. Garrett is a solid infielder and tough out. Billy throws the ball pretty hard with a nice curveball and has the sideburns developed into an art.

GCA- Always the perrenial favorite. A lot of talent there. Nachion Moore, Chase Townsend, Richie Mangus, Barham, Bobby Ryan, and other.

NSA- Keeling, Rock, Harrell, Bo "Gamenerd" Garner, Cooper

NA- Not extremely deep, but have guys that can play. W&M signee Aaron Hurwitz should anchor the pitching staff, infield, and will be a major bat in the middle of the lineup. Greg Amorosso should be a solid #2 starter as an freshman. 3 sport star Randall Crutchfield will also provide a power bat in the lineup and dependable defense in the field.

Others feel free to add.
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Norfolk Academy also has Juniors Randall Crutchfield and Eric Anderson with experience. Freshman Amorroso, in his 2nd year on varsity, should also be able to contribute good innings.

Thursday - Kempsville 8 NA 4
Norfolk Academy pitchers were not very accurate from the mound, giving up probably at least 10 walks. The bats were descent after only 3 days of practice, being led by Jr. Evan Karp's 2 run homerun. Kempsville's defense was good and Hewitt, Ramirez, and Honeycutt were strong on the mound.
To comment on Ek6 . yeah Na held their own for only having 3 practices but i would have to say if the kempsville squad got more strikes to swing at they would have put runs up ( i know its only a scrimmage) . Na- jr. evan karp did go 2-2 with a shot that shocked kville. kville- honeycutt went 2-2 with solid pieces of hitting. Haywood went 2-2 with 3 rbi's. one of them being a double applaude. Now if Na keeps giving those big guys (haywood) extra bases its goin to be a long season for them. All in all it was basically what i expected out of the scrimmage. In my opinon to all beach teams DONT TAKE KVILLE LIGHTLY!
The Virginia independent schools baseball association decided this past summer that because of the number of private schools playing baseball has grown dramatically in the last 5 years that they would follow enrollment quidelines for state championships based on enrollment 9 thru 12 similar to public schools in A,AA, and AAA. GCA has always played baseball in the largest enrollment division. We are the only team to do that at our school and I would personally like to continue but that is no longer possible under the new state quidelines. We have no choice but to play in the division assigned based on our school enrollment. on the positive side we still are in the TCIS and will play NA, Cape Henry, Bishop Sullivan, Nansemond Suffolk, and Hampton Rds all in the upper division of enrollment. We leave tomorrow for the Fla. Keys for a mission trip/ baseball trip and have put together the toughest schedule since I have been at the school. a DH with baseball America preseason ranked Rose, N.C. Last years 4A state champs and preseason number 1 this year and Ragsdasle high, N.C. preseason ranked 4in the state. We are also looking forward to The Hawaiian Tropic tournament in Myrtle Beach over spring break. 6 games in 5 days should be a real test of any team. The TCIS has become more competitive each year and I expect this year to be no different. The conference champ will be decided on the playing field and probably not before the last week of conference play. Good luck to all the teams, coaches, and players in "04"
Mondays scrimmage with Marathon H.S.,Fla. GCA won this 7 inning scrimage 10-2. Casey Powels threw 3 scoreless innings followed by Billy Colburn who threw 2 scoreless without giving up a hit. Richie Mangus came in to finish the last 2 and experienced some control problems before settling down and finishing strong. Offense came out hitting with Joe Agreste, Nachion Mooore, Chase Townsend, and Kelly West having big days. Townsend went 4 for 5 with a HR, Triple and 2 singles. Agreste had a pair of hits, Moore had 3 hits including a triple in the 5th. Kelly West also tripled in the 5th as Townsend, Moore, and West hit back to back to back triples in that inning. In Tuesday's game against Jesuit of Miami GCA won 7-0 with West, Colburn, Agreste and Townsend pitching 7 scoreless. Offense was led by a pair of HRs By Agreste to opposite field and Townsend's second in 2 days to straight away center. GCA will finish Friday with a scrimmage against Coral Gables HS. The weather is awesome for baseball. Wish we were there.
That is good for Notre Dame, but let's keep them in perspective, they are a "prep" school that has somewhere around 4-6 kids that are in their 5th year of high school athletics, meaning they should already be in their 1st year of college, so they do have an advantage over legit public/private schools that are just 4 years of high school athletics. They need to be compared to other "prep" schools, the Washington Post will not rank 5th years schools and will not recognize 5th year players for All-Met.
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Norfolk Academy 10 Bishop Sullivan 4

in the first inning bishop sullivan gave the bulldogs a scare when there was bases loaded and no outs, but they got out of the inning only allowing one run. After that the bulldogs destroyed bishop sullivans pitching, and not allowing any other runs untill the top of the seventh inning. Big win for the bulldogs
Let me add that in the NA/Catholic game NA's lefty pitcher Amoroso keep the Catholic batters off balance through 5 innings allowing 5 hits of which only 1 of those hits weren't a see an eye hit. He also struck out 7 before leaving the game with 2 strikes on the first batter in the top of the sixth with leg cramps. What a great job for the freshman.
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NA dominated CHC today with another stellar performance on the mound by Greg "G-Unit" Amorosso. He went about 6.1 innings with a shutout until a mishap at shortstop followed by a homerun in the 6th. The Dogs were led at the plate by a 2 run shot to right field by senior Aaron Hurwitz (5 on the year) and a 2 run line drive off the scoreboard in center by Evan Karp (7 on the year). 23 total homeruns fot he Bulldogs in the regular season, who are at worst Co-Champion for regular season with Greenbrier pending results from their game tomorrow at NSA.
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What i was trying to say came out wrong... i was saying that he has the ability he will just improve over the years. I didn't mean it as an insult b/c it seems u took offence to it. i agree he is an outstanding pitcher and prolly one of the best in TCIs. what i i was saying was that he will improve when he gets older and developes more muscle. At 17 and 18 i wont be suprised if i hear about him throwing high 80s low 90s. So please dont take offence to my previous posts i was trying to complement him.
Greenbrier 4 and Nansemond Suffolk 1. Greenbrier opened scoring in the first with Nachion Moore advancing to first on 3rd strike curve ball that got away. Moore stole second and Nick Maddux single to right to put runner at first and third. Maddux stole second. Chase Townsend drove both in with line drive to right and was thrown out at second. Adam Keeling threw complete game for NSA and showed excellent command (no walks) and a tight breaking ball(7ks). Trey Barham kept NSA off Balance for GCA (11k's) and also threw complete game. Both pitchers settled in until GCA broke threw again in the 4th. 3 consecutive singles by Trey Barham,Joey Agreste,and Casey Powles followed by rbi double from Bobby Ryan allowed GCA to plate 2 in the 4th.NSA broke threw in the fifth when Breedlove singled, Kitz walked, Bo Garner singled, and Jeff Cooper hit into a fielders choice. The 6th and 7th innings Barham went 1-2-3 and in the 7th NSA led off inning with Breedlove hit slicing line drive to left that looked like extras until Joey Agreste made big back hand catch to snare 1st out of inning, Barham then k'd next 2 hitters. It was a well played game by both teams (no errors) and kids were selling out all over the field for both squads. Adam Keeling is quite a Junior pitcher and The TCIS tournament seems up for grabs from a number of teams.Good Luck to all and congrats to Norfolk Academy for Co-Championship of regular season with GCA.
Norfolk Academy defeated Norfolk Christian 11-7. The bulldgos were not strong in the field but solid at the plate with Aaron Hurwitz's 2 run homerun (6) to right field and Evan Karp's grand slam (8). Eric Anderson and Steven Goldburg also combined for 8 hits. Norfolk Christian capitalized on many NA mistakes defensively but the Bulldogs play Catholic on thursday night.
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