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Now that the practice season is underway, who are some of the top players/teams for this 2005 season?

Some players I have seen in the Hampton Roads area/across the state.

Greg Amorosso- LHP/OF Norfolk Academy
Shawn Redwine- SS Notre Dame Academy
Evan Ocheltree- OF Collegiate
Russell Wilson- SS Collegiate
Trevor Knight- SS STAB

Greenbriar Christian looks loaded with Clark, Peguero, Ryan, Powles, and others...

Alliance Christian also seems to have another great team with Chapman, Giocometti, Mangus etc.

What are your thoughts?
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They may be playing for second place, but it is not because of Coach Lavelle. As is happens every year, students jump from school to school. Try to name me 10 "outstanding" ball players that have stayed true to their school for all four years - not many have. Athletes and parents alike think it is the best thing for the player. If the player is "that" good, then a college will recognize them for their talents.
What is even worse, is when students move from the beach public school system, and enter into the private school without progressing to the next grade level. I am not sure what "life lesson" they learn from that strategy.
It seems like HS baseball has become a "free market" system loke the pros.....that is wrong!
although evan may have hit 9 hrs last season. The stats in the tcis are often a lot higher due to very poor pitching and an over all weaker quality of players. You can name a few good players such as upton and others, but they have proven themselves on a national level. I know for a fact scouts do not credit the stats of players in these leagues unless they see them play in some actual competition. I want to see how this boy would fare in the SE district.
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Wow! Pretty low blow for a kid you don't know. No one compared Evan to Upton. They said he would be one of the kids to watch in the TCIS.

Also, scouts do not credit anyone's stats until they have seen them play. Stats are usually misleading in HS play.

Oh, the way, Evan will play in '06 at Emory (ranked in the top 15 for D3).
Beach Ball23,

It always amuses me how those programs outside the TCIS think they are far superior to the TCIS. I believe the last time GCA entered the Beach Blast (2002) we won the tournament. Interesting also that excluding BJ Upton, 8 players from that team have gone on to play college ball...3 of them D1. Not bad for a weaker quality of player. By the way, that team played for Towny Townsend not Gary Lavelle.

We miss Towny and yet are glad to see our old friend Gary again. Two great coaches and fine men. I have always said they are the kind of men you would like to have influence your son.
This seems like an annual discussion of someone trying to bash the TCIS. As far as college scouts looking for players from the TCIS here is a list of 12 College Freshman from the TCIS for this season.

Bishop Sullivan:
Zach Haney - Salisbury University
Garrett Parker - Mary Washington
Billy Martin - Anna Maria College
Mark Guadadini - US Naval Acacademy

Greenbrier Christian:
Nachion Moore - Radford
Trey Barnham - VMI
Chase Towsend - Mary Washington

Norfolk Academy:
Aaron Hurwitz - William & Mary

Nansemond Suffolk Academy:
Bo Gardner - Randolph Macon College
Todd Harrell - Hampden-Sydney College

Cape Henry Collegiate
Mike Gerdes - Randolph Macon College

Norfolk Collegiate
Matt Venezula - Young Harris JC

12 college baseball players from a conference is not chump change.
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All of you think going to a d2 or d3 school is special. Yea, it shows that the kid is an average to a little above average high school player. This site is full of the crazy parents of these kids. That's nice the tcis had 12 players, only 4 were D1..Great Bridge had 3 on its own, hickory had 2. There is no doubt that public schools have more talent than a christain school who has players to spend money to play.

Only the top 5% of high school Seniors will play college baseball. That's a very elite group, not matter what level of competition you are talking about.

If you are that good, then maybe you will be a part of that select group. But if history proves itself correct players like you who want to trash other teams and conference usually end up in the adult softball league.

Have a great season #23 you never know who's watching.

I'm a Beach district person but I think you have it all wrong. 1. the average high school player isn't college baseball material look at the statistics on how many HS players go on to play any kind of college baseball. 2. Most HS graduates have there priorities right and go to college for the right reasons. When I say this I mean how many of these D1 players are riding the pine and could be playing at a D2 or D3 school and probably be getting a much better education. 3. Your comment on these TCIS parents paying for there kids to play, well I can tell you one thing I don't think there's a player on Norfolk Acedamy's team that there parent is paying for them to play. While Evan may not be an all-state player the coaches at Emory think enough of his play to sign him. and he will get an excellent education and isn't that what it is all about?
Someone agree that he or any player could not match their statistics in the se or beach district. My main focus was to say that the league is weaker. Yes i may have gotten off on the wrong foot by other comments. But upton couldn't even match his statistics because he wouldn't get pitched to in these other districts. Final statement...tcis is not as strong as any public league. They may of had a few years of one strong team. But overall public is the way to go!
I think you've hit on an important point. Whether the TCIS/Private Schools programs are weaker than the public school programs or not. Is that really important other than just another topic to chat about. The important thing is this...Some of their players are getting some type of scholarship/grant monies to continue to play baseball & further their education. The reality of being the next Upton, Cuddyer or Wright & playing at the next level is a dream at best. But as a parent any type of financial help that can help releave the cost of college tuition is appreciated. If playing baseball after college happens... it's just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.
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There are good and bad teams in both public and private school leagues. Certainly the public school teams have great programs like the ones established at First Colonial, Great Bridge and Salem. The TCIS has fine programs as well. The reality is some parents do place their kids in private schools to play a sport, but let's don't act like public school parents don't sell their homes and move to other districts just to have their kid play on a certain team. I've seen it done many times. Many players transfer between public schools and others to private schools

My son attended GCA since he was in K-5. We did not pay to play. We paid for him to get a Christian education. He played rec ball because he loved it then. He plays in college now because he still loves it today.

The whole debate regarding the quality of talent in the TCIS shows BeachBall23's lack of maturity. Son, let's keep this in perspective. Since very few players ever support a family playing this game, make your goal to get a good education, find a place to learn and play the game you love, then ride it as far as it takes you. Regardless of whether or not you "make it", one day you will punch a clock and work a "real job".

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