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A big thanks to all who have given their time and advice regarding recruiting and other pertinent information on other topics over the summer.

I really enjoyed the discussion on HA programs as well as D3. It's not been my area of interest but I am learning.

I love the support we have going for James.  PTWood is far away from him so let's keep the home fires burning. 

I want to thank CBI for the information he provides for us.

One more mention, we are so lucky to have @Rick at Informed Athlete as a member of our community. He is the expert, we can give you advice but he knows the rules!


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I just can't believe I am one of the old timers now.  Sheesh.

When I started reading this site when my son was in middle school, the format was a bit different with a very active middle school thread/topic.  I joined up about a year later and I think I got blasted with one of my first posts.  I dusted myself off and kept reading and reading here about baseball, mostly because my DH didn't know anything about how to get recruited for college ball.

Please refer this site to your friends or parent of other players you are associated with.  There is a million dollars worth of knowledge here! 

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