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There’s an ad on the PAC 12 Network geared towards all sports. It summarizes what it means to be a college athlete.

You wake up early and hit the weight room. Then you go to class. Then you hit the film room and trainers room before hitting the practice field. Practice is where you work to become your best. Then you hit the books.

What’s next? Planning to get up early and do it all over again tomorrow.

For all the high school kids who want to play college ball ... Get ready to deal with something that’s nothing like high school ball.

** The dream is free. Work ethic sold separately. **

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Baseball has a way of separating out the players who love the game vs the players who are great at playing the game, at every level.

The lifers are those that love the game.  The inner circle Hall of Famers are almost entirely those who loved Baseball and worked incredibly hard at it.

College Sports can be a meat grinder.  It’s also an incredible opportunity to use athletic gifts to open academic doors and postgraduate opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.  But it ain’t easy.

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