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I have tried to keep from "going there" for a few weeks. But now our next loss is the end of HS baseball.

Some side effects are obvious. My son in law will have lots of time on his hands with both boys in college and no "buddies" to hang with. I will have no HS baseball to watch.

But it also makes me wonder what the hell I will do on the site. I know. I know. I am supposed to contribute to the next generation of HS guys. But seriously as much as I have learned, I still have little to contribute that is not better done by some of the other folks here.

And I sure do not want to get bored and ask stupid questions just to get responses as does...OK I am not mentioning names.

So I have to think about this some more....

ADBONO thanks for your baseball knowledge.

TPM thanks for your insights and civility.

Paula thanks for sharing your sons journey with us.

Fenway appreciate all your HA/IVY help.

Consultant for his great history and stories

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Already an exciting week. Seth's roommate was selected in the draft and is signing. No baseball players left to room with so coaches asked if he has anyone. He knows no on at Minnesota so they are looking at other sports athletes to room with him.

I told him to ask for a lady volleyball player but he doesn't think I am funny as I do.

As far as Summer leagues coaches have done a great job!

2 to Cape Cod, 18 to Northwoods including several Freshmen, 4 to MLB Draft League, 2 to PG League, 1 to Prospect league, 1 still in IOEA HS tourney, 1 still in Wisconsin tourney, 1 playing for Chicago Cream travel team, 1 playing Legion ball, and 2 entered transfer portal. 2 drafted to MLB!!

So approx 30 of 32 guys playing this Summer.

Nice development this Summer.

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