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If I'm understanding this correctly, this is repayment for only unpaid time in the minors (spring training, extended spring training, instructional leagues and the like). I'd always thought it odd they didn't get paid while at Spring Training (Not that the pay was very good in season). During ST they did get free lodging, some per diem cash and a couple meals at the facilities per day (although, if they weren't at MLB spring training the food wasn't always the healthiest).

$5K isn't much, but it's better than nothing and this process has greatly improved the situation in the MiLB. I believe these much needed changes are a reason the draft has been cut to 20 rounds.

Talked to the wife one of the players on James's team tonight (also got to cuddle a 4 month old and I am so happy...put his rattle in his left hand). We talked about what it's like to be part of a high profile trade and she told me that before the changes in MiLB housing and pay, there were days they had $5 and a prayer in their account. She is so grateful for the changes. The checks arrived last week.

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Son received his check. He never opted in or out, so he was sent a calculated amount. If he had done the work he probably would have had the amount doubled. Either way nice xtra money and taxes were taken out in advance.

Doing research, I never realized where you did your spring training is where they calculated what was owed. I think it was based on spring training and extended. Son spent 1 spring training and extended while on 40, so his check did not include that period.

I have a question. Does anyone know if this class action suit involved giving settlement to those that eventually  became ML players?

You can find online the case online. It's like serious tons of pages.

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