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Let me preface this post by saying that I am in no way attempting to garner support for my team or induce anyone to feel bad about the baseball situation at the University of New Hampshire. I imagine that few, if any, will even care. But I feel this needs to be said, perhaps more for myself than anyone who may be reading on this forum.

I currently pitch for the University of New Hampshire's club baseball team. Since intercollegiate baseball was cut from the University's athletic problem in the 1990s, the club baseball team is the only remaining semblance of baseball at the university.

The club baseball situation at UNH is a pathetic one. We have no field to play or practice on and instead must share time between a field turf s****r field and a gym for two or three practices a week. The university cares little about baseball and casts it off as second rate. We travel in vans and cars to the games, not in coach buses. Our spring schedule currently consists of 8 games and a one day tournament (assuming no rainouts). The league we are a part of for the spring season, the National Club Baseball Association, is unresponsive to our requests and does little more than collect our membership fees.

I am not looking for sympathy with this post, as I chose to come to UNH. Perhaps it is my fault that I didn't become an all-state pitcher until my senior year of high school or didn't pursue the option of playing baseball in college actively enough. That being said, to me it is a shame that New Hampshire's major state university is neglecting the sport that is America's pastime.
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i absolutely agree with you. it is a shame that the state university doesn't have a baseball team. i have many friends who played there in the days they had one. they competed quite well.over the years there have been some very good ball players leave the state to play elsewhere. a real shame. i guess we are lucky there is a club team, and a coach to coach them. good luck in the upcoming season.
Thanks 20dad, hopefully we'll get in most of our scheduled games. You bring up another good point. I played class L baseball and American Legion baseball and there are some very good players in New Hampshire that are leaving the state to play college ball, perhaps because of a lack of a program at UNH. If UNH could take a lesson from Franklin Pierce, which operates such a successful Division II program, perhaps college ball in NH could be revived and grown.
Not sure we're ever going to see baseball, again, at UNH given that the school recently eliminated two or three other sports, as well. I believe tennis and crew were eliminated, and possibly one other. Scholarship athletes were relocated to other schools. Nashua ballplayers frequently end up at URI because they can get the in-state tuition rates but still play baseball. It really appears that the only sports UNH actively chooses to support are football and hockey.

I wish I had better news for you, but I agree with KmomNH. Baseball is pretty much a forgotten entity at UNH now.

On a slightly brighter note, I understand you will be playing some of your games at my son's school. The coach informed me the other day that your team will be playing at STA and some of you may be around on Friday for some field maintenance work. If you do come over to help, I'll be guy working on the pitcher's mound. Come over and say Hi. I'd be happy to meet you and get more insight from you on how UNH is viewing baseball.


The cast is off and he is back throwing and hitting.
If I am there I will be sure to do so. I understand that UNH has all but given up the possibility of re-instituting an intercollegiate basebal team. That being said, my main problem is that the University shows so little support and willingness to work with the baseball club. While we are certainly a competitive team on the field, due to the nature of our equipment, facilities, and means of transportation, we arrive at games looking like, as our coach would say, "a box of crayons."

We are supposed to play At HB on the 23rd. Of course that is pending viable weather!!!

I hope you & Josh can swing by and say Hi.

How did you folks make out with last weeks storm?
I spent Thurs. & Fri cleaning up downed limbs. Our nextdoor neighbor's had a tree in their yard split and fall on their house. The other half looked poised to fall on Matt's car. We managed to get things taken care of and even burned up a lot of it.
NHFD - We'll try to get there on the 23rd. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate but you might want to have Matt keep a shovel in his batbag just in case. Nashua got 8" of heavy wet stuff, last week. Branches down all over the neighborhood but no damage to anyone's homes or cars. Haven't been out to the house in Brookline to check the landscape. Lots of trees on the new property, but none close enough to threaten the house.

Had hoped to catch FPC and St Michael's, last Friday, but snow on the field cancelled those games. Hope to get up to SMC later this month. Also have to catch an FPC game and a Colby-Sawyer game. Then in May, we'll be heading down to see WVU take on UConn. Also have tics to a Fisher Cats/Seadogs game on the 19th. Really hoping to see KJ pitch. Lots of baseball going on prior to summer team action, which will commence on May 25th. I'll send you a PM with more detail.
kmomNH. Apologize for that FPC cancellation. Weather has been tough this spring ;-). We have a few home games coming up on Sunday @ Doc Jacobs Field (@ Saint Michael's) against St.Lawrence University. Please contact Coach Cole @ if you would like to arrange a meeting. Supposed to be beautiful in Vermont on Sunday! We are also at home on Tuesday the 24th and on the 30th.

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