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In case you missed it, Julie may have to shut down this site that we have all enjoyed and gained knowledge.  Please read the last post in the link above.

I can without a doubt say this site helped me (and son) navigate the college recruiting process.  I have met many cyber friends here along the way.  When the time came, I was also prepared for the draft and knew the ins and outs, due to postings/posters on this site.  Going even further back, there was at the time a very active middle school thread that helped heading into high school ball.  That is what this site is all about.


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Like keewart, I have benefited enormously from this site.  Of course a list like this should be open to anyone, regardless of how much they might be able to contribute.  But, the money has to come from somewhere.

I did some math.  Julie said it costs about $400/month to keep the site running, that is just under $5000/year.

If 100 people gave $50/year, that would cover the costs.  Or if 200 people gave $25.

I think many people don't think that a $10 donation would make a difference - but, if everyone on the site contributed this much, it WOULD make a big difference.

To donate, go here and click the "donate" button:

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