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Get big and left-handed.

It's a little more complicated, not much tho.

6-2+.....throw lefty.....around the plate knee high....touching 85 once in a while.

Jonny Venters Then

Now is a set-up guy working low-mid 90's.

Jonny Venters Now

Slightly taller with a rubber arm and 85-86 FB gets you to the Show, also.

PJ Walters Then

PJ Walters Now

Dude still throws 86. Regularly threw 10-12 innings, 175-200 pitches a week in college. Never been seriously hurt.
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my son is 6-1,202 LHP pitcher that throws 84 - 86 and is a Jr this year......ERA is 1.25 and KO 37 hitters in 34 innings as a sophomore.....does that qualifiy as get big and be lefty?

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