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Counting our blessings.  We actually came out pretty unscathed compared to others. We lost power for about 15 hours and had no internet for 2.5 days. That is really it. My wife said she heard a loud "pop" from inside the walls this morning, but so far nothing is showing. Fingers crossed she was hearing things or it was something hitting the house, like a falling branch. 

Just had a coworker come in and he was out of town during this winter storm (and no I don't work with Ted Cruz). When they turned their water back on, they found 15 cracks in the pipes. He said their next door neighbor's has pretty much imploded and that it looked like Hurricane Harvey.

Have to say we were very lucky. Only impact was kids were out of school for the week, stuck in the house, and had a tournament canceled over the weekend. Did have a power outage, but nothing compared to others in the area. HEB and Walmart shelves are empty, but getting extra trucks in to restock. That should be back to normal in a couple of days. We were also blessed.

We had my mother and sister's family come stay with us Monday morning until Friday morning.  They both lost power.  Sister had no issues w/ her pipes, and we thought the same with mom, but on Saturday evening she lost all water pressure.  Could not find a leak in her house (pier and beam) or in the garage apartment.  Shut everything off and sent her off to the sisters.  Supposed to have a plumber by tomorrow.

I also heard a loud bang on Sunday morning and anticipated the worst (although all inside and out pipes were working on Saturday afternoon).  Didn't see anything all day Sunday and the ground is dry around the house.

We also missed out on 3 scrimmages, although we intersquaded on Saturday.

As my oldest pointed out over a game of spades............."dad, we've had a pandemic, a historical winter storm, an ACL tear, and a divorce, I think it's about time that something good happen."

I reminded him that something good happens everyday, you just have to adjust your perspective to see it.

Now let's play ball, or at least go watch our boy "chart pitches".  At least we'll be back at the ball park, and looking forward to June to see him on the field.

Good luck everyone.

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This may have been a once in a lifetime event for those in Texas. But, having a couple of homes in cold weather I’m prepared. I have two lithium powered generators at each home. They can be used in the home without fear of carbon monoxide. Plus they’re quiet. I would use one to run the internet and the other to run a portable electric heater near pipes. They're rechargeable with a car battery. They’re only $300 a piece. I’ve never used them in one home and only once in the other.

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Just discovered that my backflow cracked in several places. Luckily it was in the metal piece, so above the valve that leads to the main from the street. So just have to keep that valve closed until it gets repaired. Knock on wood that was the worst. The last time we got near this cold, the backflow cracked in the pvc pipe right where it goes into the ground. Water everywhere.

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