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After reading of the messages on visualization, it provided memories of Jack Sanford. We were in the US Army at the same time , 30 miles distant. Jack pitched at Ft Bliss, TX and I played at the Missile base White Sands PG.

In our 1st meeting, Jack a 7 year Minor League Philly's struck me out 4 times [one foul ball]. Question: How do you visualize a "blur"?

That "sleepless" evening, I recalled every pitch and determined that the fast ball above the waist "moved up" and fast ball belt to knees did not move.

Jack could not control his curve so I reduce him to one pitch. It worked and the next game I hit a fly ball to the LF.

After the Army ,Jack went to the Phillies and won 8 straight games and for 8 years led the National League in strikeouts.

Morale of the story, "never give up"!


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