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Scenario one: Man on second, batter hits a chopper to deep SS, SS goes back to his right and makes a “Derek Jeter” throw and pulls the first basemen off. I had the runner there regardless of the throwing error, so I credited the batter with a hit. Runner on second scores, but I make the run unearned on throwing error.

Second play. Runner on third and batter puts down a great bunt down first base side; ball ends up between pitcher and first with 1st basemen, and pitcher looking at the ball with the runner going down the line. 1st basemen picks up the ball but has no one to throw it to. I gave the hitter a hit, and an RBI. I guess it could be a mental error by the second basemen or pitcher for not covering, so I gave it a hit.

I posted hits/runs/errors on Max Preps and noticed the home scorer (we were away) did not score it this way, but I think he is wrong. Opinions?
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With scenario # 1 how many outs? I think if there are less than two outs the error may not necessarily mean the run in unearned. If the ball that was hit was not thrown or the throw was clean, would the runner have advanced to home. If the runner would have stopped at third then it comes down to what happens after that play. If there were two outs then the run should be credited as unearned since you scored the play at first as a base hit regardless of the throw (ie. the batter, in your eyes would have beaten the throw to first.)

there is no such thing as mental error for score keepers. Your scoring is correct.
Thanks. I pulled the book out. There was a man on first and second. The ball thrown by the SS hits the mitt and then goes off to the fence and the runner from third goes home. Normally unless the runner on second gets a great jump and is going full bore for home and catches the defense off guard he would not score so I scored it E6. Next batter goes 5-3 and I gave him an RBI for the runner that moved to third on the throwing error. Next batter gets a bloop single, but the runner on third holds because he thinks it is going to be caught.
I think the scoring is correct, except not enough info on earned / unearned.

You need to reconstruct the whole inning as if the error had not happened, first baseman has ball, with R1 & R3 with however many outs. If, for example there are zero outs at this point, then a 5-3 results in a run and a runner out at second, so R1 again, then single for R1 & R2, then what???

In a case where an error simply advances runners who were already safe, it frequently doesn't result in unearned runs if the inning goes long. Since no out can be assumed by the error, its only positioning the runners. Next guy hits a gap shot and the error really doesn't 'hurt'.

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