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Ryley is headed for surgery in a few days in NYC as his recent MRI and symptoms all season lead the Mets surgeon, Mets Milb medical staff, and the doctor at Boras Corp to advise him of this path. He'll be out the rest of the season with what they say is a 3-month window for rehab down in St Lucie.

Any advice from folks here who have gone through or have experience with this is appreciated.

TIA for prayers for safe surgery results and speedy recovery.

LFG Mets! Go Tigers!

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My oldest son had the transposition surgery and my youngest "just" the decompression - neither competes at the level of your son, but I agree with the do the rehab part, listen to the PT's, and don't try to rush it.  The elbow is immobilized for a while. Trust the PT's and that recovery happens. The older only played baseball for another year or two after at HS, the younger thru a couple years at D2. Neither has said anything about it being problematic afterwards. Unlike perhaps TJ or shoulder type surgeries, this one isn't cutting, stretching, or replacing something - it's either just cutting a sheath that the nerve runs in thus making it not constrict on every throw or it's moving it from under the elbow to a channel inside the elbow. The transposition requires a bit more work obviously and they'll usually clean up any scar or bone spurs that are probably rubbing against the nerve causing the issues. I'm not a doctor, just recall the description and cringing a little bit.

ShoveIt, I hate to hear that for Ryley. I’m not trying to put ANY damper on your hopes. Just tell Ryley to be real “in-tune” with his arm post rehab. Nick had the tingling in his ring and pinky finger and nerve conduction test that verified he had nerve entrapment. He had the nerve transposed, rehabbed and then felt the dreaded “pop” in his first BP session which led to TJ as a freshman at LSU. I’m IN NO WAY implying that is what is going on with Ryley, and I pray his diagnosis is correct and that’s all he has going on. But Nick also has a guy in his professional organization now that had what they thought was the same issue. He was able to rest over “Covid year” and then felt the issue arise again in ST. Was left in extended until a few weeks ago when it was decided he needs TJ. All I’m saying here is those symptoms apparently overlap a lot. I just hate seeing pitchers have to be cut open, but I also hate seeing guys miss 24 months instead of 18, especially at this stage in his career. I can promise you one thing, I will be praying for Ryley’s health. The recovery for the transposition wasn’t too bad, to the best of my recollection. He just has to learn to listen to his body.

TPM, Ryley said he would reach out, he is about to jump on the plane and head home.

YG, thanks for the candor...Ryley was just telling me on the way to the airport a few days ago that he intends to hyper-focused on rehab. Who knows when the arms goes....let's hope and pray it doesn't and he's back up to 95-96 with no issues.

MAM, thank you for the offer. I never know what/when he will ask about other players and i will keep you in mind.

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