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@GSully1- as mentioned earlier...I wish you and your son the best of luck. And, I admire your patience and calmness. (I would be freaking out right now.)

There's a lot to consider:

+ The roster saturation due to the NCAA's pandemic reaction.

+ Just two months until NLI day.

+ Just about 9 months left until HS graduation.

Don't discount the marketplace. I have lost count on how many 2020s, 2021s and 2022s we know personally who waited too long and then had to pivot to a Plan B that was way below their expectations (including not having a landing spot at all).

The pandemic has really impacted the landscape in so many ways. There's less spots, talent is cascading downward in divisions making spots harder to get, the way coaches scout and recruit has changed, schools lost money and have less money to give. It's a perfect storm scenario and these poor kids are caught in it.

Strategies that may have worked in 2019 may be obsolete in 2021. Today, it's a bird in the hand more than ever before...

@GSully1 posted:

Good to know.  FDU was looking at my son but told him about a month ago they were not going to offer any $$ to a 2022 C.  A young man committed there shortly after my son was informed of the decision.  Assume the player is going without baseball $$ but don't know for sure.

FDU will be very interesting. Looks like the coach is modifying their recruiting strategy

"The newcomers consist of 13 freshmen and ten transfer students featuring three catchers, three outfielders, six infielders and 11 pitchers."

Speaking to somebody in the know, the coach is a very good recruiter, thus you might see more sourced from JUCOs vs High School.

Remember he can pick from Rowan of South Jersey,Rowan of SJ-Cumberland

, Mercer Community or Lackawanna, just to name a few.

Will need to see how many freshman in the 2021 class are redshirted.

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