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Is anyone familiar with the baseball program at Union College in Schenectady? They have finished well below .500 the last few years according to their website. Just wondering if anyone knows enough about the program to see any prospect for upward movement in the program in the future or is familiar with the coaching staff there. Academically, they are stong in the areas my son is interested in and size-wise a good fit.
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I would assume that you have been to Union's website, right? If not, check it out. When you get to the website, go to the teams baseball page and look at the season stats. There should be stats for at least 3 or 4 years, maybe more. Look at their roster. See who is going to graduate, and what positions those players have played. Do you see a possible opening for your position? How do you think your stats would compare to previous freshman?

Lastly, go to the Liberty League website and look at the other schools in that conference. There might be a better "fit" at one of those schools, obviously looking at the academics first to suit your interests. My son attends the Univ. of Rochester and plays on the team. Any one of those schools is worth looking into.

Go where your academic interests lie, and where you would stand a better chance of playing your freshman year. Good luck!!
Hey Boomer -- thanks for the note. Yes, we've exhausted all the info on Union College's website. Looking for someone with personal knowledge of the program there to see if they are working to turn things around, how the coaches are, if the kids work hard at trying to improve their games, etc.

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