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Adbono - Yes, injuries are definitely part of the game, and how people deal with those set backs says a lot about them.   I think EVERY college athlete goes through some kind of issue(s), it is just a matter of how serious it is and how quickly you can run away from the college-injury-grim-reaper.   

I'm glad to see your son open a new academic door and discover his golf skills.   Shooting under 80 after 3 months is ridiculously good.  It is really amazing that he can play golf given his previous health condition and requirement of stretching and treatment.   My oldest son grimaces in pain when he tries to throw a baseball, and he graduated 6 years ago.   However, he is fine serving in tennis and his one handed backhand which puts a lot of pressure on his right arm  throwing elbow...i haven't figured it out yet.   

Glad to see your son open that new door, and go running through it at full speed!  Best of luck!

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Surfing and wave photography are the (ongoing) obsessions for my homebound college boys.  #2 boy's (surfing Santa below) season has already been cancelled.  

#1 son is waiting to hear and may head back to finish his senior year before he knows if there will be a season or not.  Photo of his last college (Amherst) hit, a double off the LF wall to drive in the winning run in an eventual blowout win over archrival Williams.  He was fortunate to have a successful, very remote (HNL > BOS, 6 hr time difference ) internship with a private equity firm in Boston last summer. The company extended an offer, he gratefully accepted, and will be starting in early July.  Without his grinding in baseball, I don't know if he could have handled the 2:30am start of the workday during that internship.

Grateful for all.


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Son continues to be "living the dream." Like many minor leaguers the start and season's abrupt end was tough. He was part of a "spring training roster" for 2 or 3 games (One was rained out). His lone action was as a PR for "Panda Bear" in the last inning one game. I saved the audio as a memento (no video) I guess that's a 90 pound tradeoff on the bases (lol). Fortunately last summer, he was able to play in a make-shift 4 team league consisting of indy, current and past Milb players and a few former MLB players. His performance there (MLB club received game and weekly updates)parlayed into an invite to fall instructional league.

One game in instrux due to others' injuries and testing positive, son played a few innings in centerfield, not MI.  He had three plays in two innings including an over the shoulder catch at the warning track (I think he last played CF his second to last year in Legion ball, or Fall Ball his freshman year of college).  In 2019,he was named best defensive player in his draft class for the team, and within the past month or so named the fastest player/baserunner prospect in the organization by two national publications.

He has really been working on his hitting, maximizing his swing mechanics and adding muscle (up to 185 pounds I think). No tutoring or outside jobs this offseason, except for working at a baseball facility and running clinics on defense.  It's nice having him around the house for a while, but he really belongs on a field. I think he was headed to AA. Would be nice. Those West Coast games were a late listen

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