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The USA Baseball Junior Olympics begin today. Most Valuable Player is scheduled to play Miami Tigers, Tampa Bay Raiders and ECTB.

We are excited to have players from MD, VA, KY, PA,FL,and NY.

Ryan Rivers, Joe Yermal, Jesse Cunningham, Drew Klapko, Brett Foskey, Sean Swetnam, Zach Lucas, Stewart Ijames, Neil Holland, Joe Devine, Joey Guinto, Zach Fritz, Pete Fisher, Matt Burch, Jesse Ginley, and John Hale.

We are real excited about our chances, as well the opportunity for these kids to play against teams from all over the US.

Al McCormick
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Today we lost 4-3 to the Miami Tigers. The tigers had three very good pitchers, along with a 3rd baseman who hit the ball well, including a homerun at a park that is pitcher friendly.

Their shortstop and 2nd base made two major league type plays stealing potential big innings from us.

Unfortunately we missed several signals at key times and a little tentative play at the bat and in the field by some very good players. Some of the difficulties with a team never playing together before.

Zach Fritz and Sean Swetnam pitched well. Although we had several hits, Matt Burch and Zach Fritz stood out.

Today we play the Tampa Bay Raiders and ECTB. Our starting pitchers will be Ryan Rivers and Brett Foskey.

Al McCormick
Very pleased with our pitching. Zach Fritz, Sean Swetnam, Ryan Rivers, Brett Foskey, Zach Lucas and Joe Devine have pitched very well.

Defensively we have struggled, making several errors, yet at the same time showed signs of brilliance. Neil Holland has made some outstanding, almost unbelievable plays in the field, along with Stewart Ijames gunning at home from deep right field.

Offensively Stewart Ijames has stole the show topping off some screaming line drives with a grand slam at pitcher friendly parks. Matt Burch and Zach Fritz have been hitting well also.

I see it every year. This tournament does a lot of things for each player. Some catch on quicker than others, but I believe it helps each player when they head back home. Every pitcher we have faced changes speeds consistently, as well location. It makes each player realize the "hitter's count" and "pitcher's count." The ones that figure it out and get in sync usually do well, yet every year very good players struggle a bit. Defensively, bobble a ball, and if not squelched, you will have started a big inning for the other team. The growth process is to stay in the game mentally, versus the racing heartbeat and playing emotionally. Most figure it out, but some sooner than later.

Very pleased so far even though we are 1-3 with losses to Miami Tigers, Tampa Bay Raiders, and Dallas Panthers and a sole win over ECTB. A couple plays in any of the three games and we are easily 4-0, yet that is why they play the game.

We play again today at 12:00 with Joe Yermal on the mound.

Al McCormick
Joe Yermal pitched a 4 hit gem. Not only did he keep the game going his:

First Pitch For Strike Ratio was 77%

Change for a Strike Ratio was 84%

Curve for a Strike Ratio was 65%

In addition, we had tremendous play by Matt Burch (Notre Dame) and Neil Holland (KY).

Offensively Ryan Rivers and John Hale got on board with hits and Stewart Ijames (KY) continued his hitting spree going 2-4.

Really proud of the way every performed.

Al McCormick

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