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With times the way they are, I was thinking that there has to be some individuals, organizations that would be in need of used baseball equipment. We all have accumulated over the years baseball bats, gloves, bat bags, in my situation complete catchers gear that could be of some use to somebody else. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions? I am not looking for a used equipment store or anything but somewhere where it can be used by kids not able to purchase on there own.
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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a sister city of our town. We knew there was a LL team there as they had raised the money to make a trip here a couple of years ago to play in a tournament. Last Christmas we were fortunate to have vacationed there and my son packed a large duffel with several old gloves, shoes and socks, balls, etc.

When we went to the field to meet the coach and his players it was an awesome experience. Baseball truly transcends all cultural barriers. The look on my son's face when he and the coach handed the boys the equipment was priceless. They were so grateful and I know my son and I got at least as much out of the happening as they did.
"Play for Life" is an organization founded by one of our UofC baseball alums (Colin Decker, AB 02')and his wife. Play for Life supports baseball and other sports in the south chicago neighborhood of Englewood as well as other underpriviliged areas. They are in need of used baseball gear as well as donations. Their website is and you can find more about how to donate at

Our baseball team spent an afternoon putting on a clinic for these kids this fall and it was a great time both for our team and for the kids ( We pull a lot of kids from the suburbs, and its easy to forget how lucky we have it. You might get a few dollars at play it again sports for that old bat, but its worth a lot more to these kids.

Thank you,
Alex Gallan

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