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I'd like to recognize some of the Va Wildcats players who are excelling at the HS level:

Nick Thompson - frosh @ WB - 3-0 pitching record and back up SS. Should be one of the best '11's in the state.
Cameron Day - soph @ Landstown - All District LAST YEAR as a frosh. Rakes.
Jordan Miller - frosh @ Grassfield - started @ 2B in yesterday's win vs. GB. Made several plays in the field.
Ryan Burmeister - frosh @ Grassfield - started in LF in yesterday's win against GB

Hunter Higgerson - frosh @ Hickory - an occasionally call up to varsity

You will hear plenty from the 2011 and 2012 class of Wildcats in the next few years.

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Originally posted by redbird5:

Scott Hurrell - frosh @ Landstown - was expected to contribute on the mound and at the plate but has had a few injuries that have kept him sidelined.


Caught the Landstown JV game vs Kellam this past week. A couple players caught my eye; just curious as to whom else we may be on the look out for?
Unfortunately, none of the 14U are Landstown kids. We do have 1 beach kid who should be a solid Catcher for St. Clair - Randy Rechkemmer. He is playing on the PA Middle School team.

The majority of the 14U team is based in Chesapeake (dispersed between Hickory, Western Branch and GCA), Suffolk (NR) and 2 from the Peninsula (York & Bethel). We have 4 kids hitting 80 already and one who has hit 84 last fall.

I could give more names but they are only JV kids right now.

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