I think I like it because it actually brings some of the outdoors, indoors. Kansas is good for finding those antique bargains! I especially love the old church beveled & stained glass window pieces you can pick up pretty cheap in these parts!

SSMom - I LOVE antiques!! I don't have many, but do have a washstand and an old "bachelors chest" that I'm very fond of as well as a few dishes and small things like that. I am undecided about moving when my daughter graduates HS and if I do, I'd love to sell a lot and replace with some antique pieces.... love that glass too!!

JT - That iron is great! My grandmother use to have one that she used to hold a door open! Smile
I realize this thread was about what WE wanted but just something cute for your player...
Walmart has valentine candy, the boxes have different themes, baseball of course.

I made a care package which included bubblegum, seeds, gummy bears, protein bars and some pez dispensers found at Walgreens, baseball themes on front. Son thinks I ma so silly, but he will get a chuckle out of the theme!

All gifts this year are dedicated to baseball trips to see son play, I'll take it!
Walmart has valentine candy, the boxes have different themes, baseball of course.

TPM - Was this in an area with just valentine's stuff?

I do valentine gift bags for my son and his girlfriend, so I will definately try to find! My daughter gets goodies too. I figure I'll be doing easter baskets, christmas stockings and valentine bags forever! Big Grin
Walmart has valentine candy, the boxes have different themes, baseball of course.

Oh no Shortstopmom....first the baseball jack-o-lanterns and now THIS?!?!? Looks like another HSBB-induced stampede to Walmart! Big Grin Thanks for the heads up TPM....and the Walmart empire thanks you too! Smile
....and the Walmart empire thanks you too!

I'm thinkin' the HSBBW moms have contributed greatly to their bottom line over the last few months!! Big Grin
Okay....heading out to Wal-Mart today. Haven't been back since the great pumpkin search of 2006! Big Grin Why or why can't Tar-zhee carry these types of things? Wink
Yes, it is in the valentine candy section!

I remember seeing basketball, s o c c er! Who knows how the candy tastes, but it was just so "cutsie" for our boys! Wink

Another thing they had, my son is a gummy bear person, or anything that tastes like gummy bears. The have gummy candies in the candy isle, says "TO HELP REPLACE LOST ELECTROLYTES", well it most likely doesn't but thought it fell into the "sports theme" for valentine's day. Big Grin
Wait,...wait beeep beeep beep beep,....

Whats happened to my Walmart radar insticts? Shortstopmom missing the cute baseball themed goodies in the Valentines section??? Nooooo way!!!
I must be loosing my touch! Say it isnt so.

Thank goodness for my gals,..comin to my rescue!

I haven't been to Walmart since New Years,...
( perhaps I was a bit burnt out after the holi-daze ) but now,..come to think of it,...I do need to pick up a few things.
Its straight to the Valentine tacky tuna isle I will go, God love it!!!
Gonna look for the electrolyte gummie bears too,..what the heck,..my kids will love them.

Forgot that this year I am now having to ship stuff out to my Air Force son,...so I better get my rear in gear and get a movin' and a bakin' and a shoppin'!!!

Hi-ho-hi-ho,..its off to Walmart I go. You gals are tooo great!!!!!
Valentines day...what I don't want is flowers or jewelry that will show up on the charge card receipts the following month. Candy that will show up on my backside the following week or a card that he bought the following hour before he came home. What I do want it to share a few minutes with the boy who caught my eye with those red tennis shoes who turned into the man that said I do and really meant it and the man that still takes my breath away even when he is sitting in the nasty lazy boy he loves so much....and I want to remember the good times we have had over the last 27 years and forget those trying times
allaboutbaseball.... you're wonderful at sharing your thoughts! That was a very sweet post and I think prooves what I originally posted in regards to the love letter winning the survey. Women just want to know they're loved and appreciated by their husbands... not an afterthought through the supermarket card aisle as you say.

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