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Hi everyone,
I had a bunch of requests for a replay of the "Secrets to Social Media" recruiting webinar from last week, so I am offering on multiple days/times over the next week. Below you'll find a video preview of the webinar.
Also, I attached a picture of the feedback from the post-webinar survey. We had a full house (75 people at the webinar) and the feedback was great!
If you’d like to register for one of the showings, please email me at Thank you for taking an interest in the content!
VIDEO PREVIEW OF WEBINAR --> https://youtube/XY7grNNZs-s


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I just watched a replay of this @JRudd_Scout webinar. 

I passed on watching my son play in the opening night game of the 13th Annual Mushroom Festival Wood Bat Classic in order to get some quality advice and pickup some wisdom from Josh.  It was time well spent - Josh's presentation was very well organized, very actionable, and will help this "old person" dad support and guide my son through his social media baseball recruiting and networking journey.  The timing is perfect as my 2024 enjoyed his first day of  high school today (via Zoom in his boy cave all day).  I am 50+ and have never used Facebook ... so I don't really get it ... all the more reason to embace JRudd's advice.

PS: in case you were wondering, COVID forced the to cancel for the first time in 35 yrs, however, the baseball played tonight!  Thanks and appreciation to the organizers at KUBA https://leagues.bluesombrero.c....aspx?portalid=11795 for keeping local fall baseball going strong!

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I really appreciate that, @mjd-dad

First off, NO CHANCE DID I GO FOR THE CLICK BAIT although 'Shroom Fest' would have maybe gotten me to click a couple decades ago maybe. Secondly, you prompted some good interest... so I may owe you a referral fee. 

I got a bunch of emails asking if I'd open this again, so I created viewings for next Friday (18th) and Saturday (19th). If anybody else is interested, please click the link below to register. 

REGISTER for @JRudd_Scout's Social Media Webinar Now!

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