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First this sucks, and I am sorry.  Second I am not an expert but found this in a article;

The deadline to enter the transfer portal was July 1 in order to be eligible immediately for the 2023 season. While players do enter the portal in the fall, the majority of those not currently in the portal who are not draft-eligible will be on the (same) team next season.

If this is accurate, perhaps the best strategy to is to see it through at the current school.  I read that to mean they can't get on a roster for 2023.  Maybe I read wrong.  It was an article about Vanderbilt but seems to say portal opens in fall but not sure it's for that current season.  Good luck again.

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Yes, you had to go in by July 1.  I have read about a coach that signed  for one of his players to move during Fall but I’m assuming there were some extenuating circumstances. So sorry.  If it was my son, I would just encourage him to give it his all this year. He may end up liking the new coach but if not, he will put himself in a position to be picked up in the portal next year.

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@d-mac posted:

Your son can get a waiver if there is a coaching change.  It is very late to be looking for a new home but if a team got hit hard by the draft or portal, there may be teams looking.  If your son is a catcher he might be in high demand as a couple of SEC teams are in dire need.

FYI: A waiver is possible, but isn't guaranteed.  Also, the Transfer Portal deadline of July 1 for D1 baseball and other spring sport athletes in the current rules only applies to scholarship athletes. 

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