Once upon a time, this was one of the most active forums on the HSBBW.  There were the reports out of Chicago on teams, the PBR Rankings and how much people were upset about them, the downstate people complaining about upstate rankings, ...  There were also very posts about tournaments, players, players that were in college and/or pro ball, ... 


Man, I can't believe a post I made in September is still on the front page. 


So, what are the projections for teams up north?  Down South, (Southern Illinois) I don't have much of a read anymore because I'm following my daughter play college softball.  However, the preview articles will be coming out soon and I'll get a good read on some teams down here.  Lets get this place rocking and rolling again. 

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Coach....I think you Illinois folks have the same problem as we do here in Ohio.....SNOW!!!!  and lots of it.  My son's team hasn't been outside yet...and likely won't for a while.  First scrimmage scheduled for the 25th....but no way our field will be ready.  6" of snow on Wednesday...almost all gone today, but the ground is mush.  Can't imagine that the fields will be much good even by opening day on the 31st....but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Good luck....and don't send anymore snow our way please....lol

Our first game is scheduled for 3/22...a week from today...yikes.  But I will hopefully be posting on here alot. I want some pride back in this forum.  You take a look at the VA and TX forums, and people post/talk/update about everything as if they are following college teams. That's what I want here. 

Our kids started getting out on the football turf this weekend.  I'm holding out hope that the 50s this week will help melt whats left and dry things out some.  We have games scheduled starting 3/24 maybe we can get a game in that week....

Ours were on the field scrimmaging yesterday. Softball was planning to scrimmage today. Calling for snow tomorrow. Softball scheduled to open season on Wednesday. Not sure when baseball opens up..


CoachB, I saw UMSL and SEMO split today...

My guy has only been outside twice so far.our first game is less than a week.Not sure if that's going to happen.I have a lot to say.I feel saying it here would be a good thing.Problem is one post and I'm figured out.Baseball is a small world.

Proud I know who you/your son is by your previous posts and I'll definitely be following him/his team's progress this spring.

Originally Posted by Bulldog 19:

Ours were on the field scrimmaging yesterday. Softball was planning to scrimmage today. Calling for snow tomorrow. Softball scheduled to open season on Wednesday. Not sure when baseball opens up..


CoachB, I saw UMSL and SEMO split today...

Yes, the kid had a tough game one of DH.  I think first time in her life w/2 ks in a game.  Second game, HR and then, shocker -- squeeze play for a run.  3 RBIs for game.  Unfortunately, official scorer doesn't know how to score a squeeze.  No play and so, gave the kid a fielder's choice.  How does that happen in college? 

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Without throwing out the details in what should/could be his and the teams best season in years between you and I, I expect the oppisitte.Not necasarily for the same reasons.Don't get me wrong I keep my mouth and general feeling to myself.I will not be the jinx.Problem is I know what took place in the offseason and it never gets better or even stays at a exceptable level once the guys are turned over to school ball.The 80's were only a good thing while they were happening. 

 James G,

First town east of us has been at it since returning from Christmas vacation.I really feel they are going to surprise a lot of people this year.Good pitching and very competent coaching goes along way.

Proud, if you're referring to "W" then I would agree. They have been on a steady rise as a program of late and I know they have a solid coaching staff.  We played them a couple years back but I don't think they are on our schedule this year or next year.

I meant "B".I think by the time playoffs start they will make a very deep run.One of our biggest problems is the " our goal" of just playing in a regional champ.Thats not something I made up.

We had a game scheduled for tomorrow.They cancelled it last week.Haven't been out to the field lately must be in pretty bad shape if you know to cancel that far ahead.suppose to have three games next week.Sounds like they are also cancelled.I realize there was above average snow this year.But when you think about it and try to put it in perspective its a typical crappy northern IL. winter.Just exactly why do they scheduled games this early?

I heard you guys up north have 3 inches of snow coming today or tomorrow.  Also, the ground thaw has not happened.  How deep do you think that ground freeze is?  It might be some time before you're playing in Chicagoland. 


We had games yesterday throughout the Metro East (St. Louis).  Snow in our forecast but it is not supposed to stick around long.  Around an inch.

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