So for the many players whose seasons have been suspended or shut down, what should they be doing for the next few months?  Right now they were in-season or ramping up, pitchers would be pitching once a week and throwing bullpens, fielders would be hitting and fielding in games.  We don't know if summer ball will happen or not, so presumably they have to try to aim for that.  If they can't practice with a team, what do they do on their own?  Go back to winter weight-lifting routines (assuming gyms are even open)?  Try to throw as many pitches/innings as would be normal in-season?  Shut down for a few months until they know what's happening?

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My 2020 hasn't pitched in a game since shortly after 8/1 once he committed. He hit the gym hard and then his throwing program. He'll just continue as if in HS for now. His gym routine switched over to more of an in season routine (less volume) once his throwing started ramping up (more volume).

We'll keep this up until we have more clarity in the coming weeks. He wasn't playing summer ball, but now he may try to get in a few games to help help prepare for college in the fall.

My 2022 played fall ball, and is still a 2 way in HS, but wasn't working on his hitting outside of school practices (will be a pitcher in college) Without HS reps, this may accelerate his move to a PO. He will stick with his in season strength program and prepare for summer ball.

Hit the books and weights hard. Great opportunity to get grades and weight up. Missing a lot of school for baseball games and tourneys during the school day makes that difficult. Otherwise weights and long toss to stay fresh. 

Like NYC, my 2021 is committed and isn't worried as much about reps in HS as he is staying healthy, and putting on good weight. Summer was limited for us, per GT pitching coach recommendation, focus on school and stay healthy and don't forget to still be a kid and have fun. 

My son will continue to hit and throw to be ready for a hopeful truncated HS season (feels unlikely) or summer ball before college.   The gym is a tough call right now.   I will continue to pay for it but I can't think of a worse place where you could catch the virus.    We are figuring out what to do on that front.   Lastly, I will worry (not him) about the backup of players on college rosters.   I am not sure seniors will stick around for an MBA but it's possible but every class in front of him gets the year back.  It just feels like the roster will be a tad bloated and more kids to work through to get on the field.  So my son has to be on his game physically and mentally when he arrives for fall practice.  No different then before but a few more kids to work thru.

Our son's gym just closed for the next two weeks, mandated by the local municipality (all gyms closed through March).  Going to have to get creative and look for other options.  

For those needing a gym option, have you looked into Bowflex dumbbells and a bench? I know it isn’t ideal, but better than nothing. We are ordering a box jump this weekend. My son says he can do just about everything he was doing in the off season at home. 

This might get more and more difficult, especially for those in colder climates. No where to hit, throw, lift. Gyms and indoor facilities might get shut down. 

My son does his bullpens into a net with a target in front.  He does long toss this way when he doesn’t have a partner.  He videos his workouts and sends them to his coach. He will keep doing that with med ball workouts and playing catch.  It will be important to have a plan.

My 2023 got word yesterday of his season being suspended until mid-April and his school is going to remote learning immediately. As soon as he got home yesterday he went into the home gym to work out. He wants to start another round of the Driveline OnRamp this morning. 


So on a positive note, my son hit 80 for the first time. 80.1 to be exact. He said his arm feels better than ever. Not bad for 126 lbs if you ask me. I’m biased though

Do some weight training. Ideally you have a home gym but if you don't you can get creative and for example do push ups and pull ups with a weighted back pack.

Some throwing is also possible. Hitting is tougher, ideally you have a cage in the garden but otherwise hit off a tee or better get a wiffle ball pitching machine you can use in the garden.

Now would be a good time to work out a mechanical flaw or do an ol ul training for batspeed. Or maybe work on a specific pitch location you can't handle. You can DM me if you want to send me a swing or want a program for increasing batspeed.

If you are a pitcher you could work on improving your third pitch or even learn a new one.

It is tough now but now is a good time to separate from others by getting creative and working hard on getting better (or at least not a lor worse) because others will just play video games all day and you can gain an edge on them if baseball hopefully starts again in july or so.




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Son's a HS senior. If and when the HS season is officially cancelled, son is going to call the pitch coach for his committed college and "turn himself over" to whatever they want him to do. We have had a baseball PT do some assessments on him physically for ROM, strength, etc., in the last year.  We will turn over these assessments to the coaches.

Meantime, he's lifting some, throwing long toss and did throw some bullpens recently.


Go44dad posted:

Son's a HS senior. If and when the HS season is officially cancelled, son is going to call the pitch coach for his committed college and "turn himself over" to whatever they want him to do. We have had a baseball PT do some assessments on him physically for ROM, strength, etc., in the last year.  We will turn over these assessments to the coaches.

Meantime, he's lifting some, throwing long toss and did throw some bullpens recently.


We did the same. PC at committed school said he’d like to be involved /informed during offer/acceptance. So we’ve been keeping him in the loop, sharing in game video as well as pitching lesson video since January.

Recommend the same. Send video, even just exercises to the PC. To get their feedback sooner than later.


To answer the title of the thread, "I'd say whatever he can," which may involve some creativity. As I type, RipkenFanson is throwing a ball up against a school wall. He has also run sprints or laps where possible and dug out his weighted vest from somewhere tucked in his bedroom. But here's the creative part- he's converted our garage into a personal gym.

He took three heavy cloths that we got when we moved here (that ensured that furniture wouldn't get scratched). found clamps and hung them in the garage. This provided him with a "screen" to practice tee work.  Then he is using a board that my late father- in- law used to paint. This board was strong as my father in law had placed between it two ladders. This became son's workout bench, which rests on two containers that we had of baseballs. Then he fastened two poles together (I think one was used for Christmas lights and the other was a former broom handle that I used to unclog the lawnmower) to make a bar for weights that he clamped on the end. Additional weights are from empty buckets from cat litter that he fills with sand and or water (he was explaining to me something about the density). Good to have him back and make use of a tough situation.He also has a mat and place to hang towels.

He was proud of his contraptions, enough to call his GF after 11:00PM on a school night for her. He told me some of his creations deserve more attention for his "special box" (memorabilia) than old newspaper clippings. The garage has never been so musical (thanks Big Blue party). As a byproduct of his handiwork, his mom and I are glad the garage got cleaned up.   He actually laughed when I peaked in the door and quipped, "It's nice to see you finally using your major!" (engineering).

In our county, kids can’t set foot on campus and obviously, that includes the baseball field. The parks are open so kids can get BP in the cages and throw to keep their arms in shape.

Can’t lift at school and gyms are closed too, so push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups at home. 

I have created a 5 week batspeed challenge. Can be done alone at home with tee, toss or machine. 

Requires a 5 day a week commitment but have used a very similar program with other kids with success. Program (free of course) is in the link.

Program does include ol ul and med ball stuff as well as some other drills.

Definitely a good time to work on your power now.


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Show a little hustle and get a job. Take over a couple bills for your parents. How long does it take to workout and throw long toss or hit off of the tee? About an hour and a half?

When I was your age...

Seems as thought weight sets are as hard to find as toilet paper right now. Everywhere online is old out of affordable sets. Dicks and Academy near us are doing curbside pick up, but they have nothing in stock. Time to go Rocky IV style!

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