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You state you never say anything negative? I beg to differ. I take great offense to your comment that only 4 Canadian soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan. This is an insult to our Soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect our country. Statements such as yours disrespects them at a time when we should be remembering and saying thanks! Regardless whether they are Canadian or American!

In fact since 2002 their have been 71 Canadian soldiers and 1 diplomat killed in Afghanistan. The four you are referring too were killed in April of 2002 in a friendly fire incident when a U.S. F-16 jet mistakenly bombed them, while they were on a training excercise. Of Note, eight soldiers were wounded in the same incident.
I'm not sure where your getting your outdated information from.
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If you listen to Rush Limbough, "Baby Rush" Glenn Beck and Lou dobbs on CNN everyday, you will get the same info about Canada and the Russian Invasion as me. You do not call them ignorants, do you? Missouri is the "Rush Country", do you remeber?
"Rush always right!"

Hi, Guys, no more politics. Back to baseball. I am not going to argue about Canadian wealth anymore, enough said.
Originally posted by floridafan:
Not that Rush needs me to watch his back...but Stardad is way off base.

Anyone who can consider that Rush and Lou Dodds have similar positions probably does not understand what either are saying.

I can argue with you all day long because politics is my specialty. but this is a baseball forum. I can't find any place to put a thread like "Rush always right!" If you can start a political thread anywhere, I will follow you.

Hi, Orlando: "Explains a great deal" of what, I guess you guys only watch TV for Baseball, uh?
The baseball season is over, please watch some Cable news network and FOX, and keep you updated about this world.
IMHO, theres alot of getting-out-of-line & personal public insults going on here.
And to be frank, its annoying.

Please alert the proper moderators if you have a problem with a poster, or take your fight behind closed doors with pm's and bash it out there.

Can we please stick to the subject manner ( baseball ) and stay productive? Good grief.

Dont make me bring out my spatula!
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Originally posted by shortstopmom:
IMHO, theres alot of getting-out-of-line & personal public insults going on here.

Don't worry about the negative post, shortstop mom.
They show their negativeties just because they care about you and want to get your attention. I've been on the internet even before Al Gore invented it. I've seen all kind of people through all these years. In real life, they are all nice people. But on the dark side of their hearts they would like to insult people for fun. My rule is never respond to a insulter, let them show their dark side, and few years later they will feel embarassed by their own word.

If you feel annoying, the easiest way to do is ID them and put them on your "Ignore list". You will never see their insulting posts again. They will feel shamed about themself by publish those insults on the internet. I am here to speak out my opinion on couple of topics, agree with me or not, please speak out, you can't kill me with your insulting words, can you? Have fun guys.
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