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@baseballhs posted:

I will continue to disagree because I’m watching it happen. Guys who had scouts at every hs game, guys who D1 baseball says schools are lucky they got to campus are being cut. Why? They’ve got bigger scholarships and they can cut them and pull guys out of the portal who are ready to go. I’m not assuming all programs are the same but I know a lot of kids in top 25 programs and it is very common. Maybe not 4 years ago, maybe not even 3, started last year. Full swing this year. Believe or not but I’m watching it happen.

Some of the things that are going on this year are unprecedented. It’s hard to accept for many. I don’t doubt what you say one bit. You are living it. I know what school your son is at and I couldn’t think of a program that’s a better example. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean that this school is very representative of what is happening. So I buy every bit of it.

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According to D1 Baseball, Vandy has 17 of their 41 players on the 2022 roster in the portal.  It's a wild and crazy time.

Looks like those that fund the Vandy program have drawn the line at NIL deals. Kinda ironic as they have always had a financial advantage over other SEC teams. Guess they don’t like the playing field being leveled. All speculation on my part. But what else would it be? Vandy players aren’t moving to LSU for that high quality education that Ben McDonald got!

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Is Mizzou nitorious for over recruiting? I figured they had to beg and bribe players to go there.

Yes they are. Over recruiting has been blatant for years. No SEC school is begging for kids to come. It’s the other way around. I have been at the 17u Don Mattingly WS event in North Texas all week. Big regional event with over 30 teams. Mostly Texas teams but also teams from Canada, Puerto Rico, Nevada, Colorado & Oklahoma. Lots of JuCo coaches are watching, some D3 and D2. A handful of D1 big name schools last night. But the D1 guys were there looking at their commits to see if they wanted to keep them or not. Not looking for players to recruit. Pretty sure that’s contrary to what most people think. And it’s b/c of the availability of so many experienced players in the transfer portal. There are still some D1 schools that recruit the traditional way. But they are getting harder to find.

This happens so much more than people realize.  That is why most coaches want to know what their guys are doing in the summer that are committed, even the ones that have signed NLI.  You hear it here all the time but maybe not specifics.  We say all the time that once you commit the journey is just beginning.  Being ready to walk on the campus is a big one.  In today's world, being physically, skilled, emotionally, and psychologically ready to walk on the campus is important.  So many freshmen are not ready and they are cut, maybe not physically but mentally, in the first week of practice.  First impressions are hard to break.  I know some of you will say that is not fair but life is not fair.  I've heard too many coaches say they were not ready when they got here.  Loafed the last year and couldn't get it done.

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Coaches spend time in summer watching their committs. They also watch them at HS games as well as have them attend camps. A commitment is not just one sided. Coaches spend time doing their part, they expect the same from the players.

This basically avoids cutting them before they set foot on campus.

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