Why do youth and high school game officials quit? 75%, adult behavior

Well at least we agree on some things because I believe mostly the same about you on here with many of your comments on umpiring.  You are one of those guys that knows the rules but doesn't know how to use them in a common sense way.  You were one of the guys I hate to umpire with because there was no common sense to your rule interpretation.  Knowing the rules and applying them adequately are two different things.

So let's turn the tables on you.  What dictates a catch?  Do you have to see the ball go in the glove for it to be a catch or if they raise their glove, not show you the ball, is it a catch?  the rule is clear but I would love to know your professional interpretation that is different from mine. 

What is a timely amount of time to make a call?  I don't understand your logic on getting the call right but there has to be a timely execution in relationship to the play.  If it had been 1 out, what are the runners supposed to do?  Run the bases because no call has been made and take a chance of being doubled up or stay on the base to tag up until the umpire makes a call 2 minutes later and hope they can make it to the next base?  Help me with this. 

In my situation, the BU had no obligations after the hitter had rounded third so yes he should have gone out to see the ball in the glove if he was going to make the call.  In a normal situation, I fully understand.   But you cannot assume he has the ball just because he shows you the glove. 


So, you don't even know that a runner can go on first touch and the timing of the call is irrelevant?

If you know the catch rule, you sure aren't showing it, because you keep bringing things up that are irrelevant and even contradictory to what constitutes one. 

Also, I'm pretty sure my multiple NCAA postseasons would tell me that my umpiring is just fine. 

I will not entertain this charade any longer. 

I will take my minor league experience and college as validation.   Again you are the one not answering the question as I figured you would.  Avoid the answer when you are questioned and be the ump who says I don’t have to.   I am a college guy.  

I know you can tag on first touch but the umpire should make a call so they know what to do.  We can end this because I don’t think we will agree. But I can promise you that you would not take that long to make a call in college and still be calling.  

“You really suck. The sad thing is you think you know what you’re doing.”......No matter how good or bad putting "You" in front of it will get you tossed everytime ......Might be another thread but as a long time coach(out of it for 20 years) when I first started you could "discuss" a call ask where a pitch was . towards the end umpires got confrontational. How dare you question a call. I had an umpire tell me as I came out to "discuss a call" are you ready say "get off my field" .  I am trying to remember I think I might have got tossed after that? 

Why do they quit? Not worth the headache. Unless the game is a short drive away, is it really worth it? Look at how they are ridiculed across all levels. There is constant talk of MLB robo umps/electronic strike zones and plenty of people backing the idea up like it is something baseball desperately needs. As if the professional umpires are so bad it warrants a change. 

The relevant question may not be why umpires quit, but why any DON’T quit. 

I still umpire because I like baseball, I like baseball people, I enjoy providing an important service well, it feels right and invigorating to be on a baseball field on a beautiful day, I enjoy teaching and learning from my partners—and my wife thinks I earn enough from umpiring to pay for my scuba habit. 

As with any profession it can be the few that make a bad name for the many. Umpires don't question why the coach continually signals for the steal of 2B when the catcher has gunned down the previous 4 runners. Yeah, maybe the 5th will be safe. When he's out by a hair is it his fault or the umpire's fault for making a bad call on that play? Cannot tell the coach they make bad decisions... Don't see the plate guy yelling down at the 3b coach, what are you stupid didn't you see this guy gun down your previous 4 runners? Or, hey coach you realize he has a full ride to (name your favorite P5 school)?  Umpires don't tell the batter to "wait" for the second or third strike. If a coach says, don't swing until you see a strike - as an umpire would you wait until you saw a perfect strike before calling it?  No, you may call one close just so we move the game along. Nothing worse than a 4 hour game because both teams are "waiting" for a ball pitched into a specific area before they even decide to swing.  Not the umpire's fault that the batter swung at 2 pitches over his head or way out of the zone and then watched the 3rd one go right down the middle or "nip a corner". Pitchers have feelings too - it's not all about batting average and runs batted in. HS umpiring is not for the thin skinned. There are some that do it as their profession or are there just for the money, but there's many more out there because they love the game or want to give back to the game. Seek them out, watch them, and appreciate them.

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