1) AGE: with most prospects if you don't start your pro career by age 22, chances of any interest from MLB scouts dimishes very fast, unless you just defected from CUBA

2) Lack of MLB Velocity. Prospects lacking a fastball in the 89-90 mph range(STALKER GUN) unless they are lefthanded will draw little interest from most MLB scouts. Likley the No.1 reason why pitchers don't make it to the next level.Followed by no movement , command or can't throw a strike

3) Can't run: average 60 YD:6.9 seconds, up the middle 6.7 seconds. Baseball cloggers better he able to hit very well and for power

4)Slow bat: if you can't generate MLb batspeed, you can't hit at the next level to turn on MLB heat.

5) Can't hit the breaking ball. Good scene in Major League when the manager asks " how come no one else never pickup on Cerrano, he hits a ton. Then Cerrano misses a curve ball by 3 feet

6) Long medical history: prospects with medical files the length of the yellow pages scares most clubs. They are afraid they will get stuck with lengthy medical costs

7) Questionable makeup: criminal record, alcholic, drug use or just uncoachable

8) Inflated opinion of how much they are worth.
excessive bonus demands can kill you draft status and signabilty fast.
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