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2021 wants a new glove, and we want to surprise him for his birthday. Is the A2000 or A2K the better choice, or is it a matter of personal preference. I've read some comparisons on other sites, but thought I'd see if anyone here has any thoughts on it. Price difference is neglible because I found the A2K on sale. 

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Gloves can be pretty personal, as well as aspirational. Whichever one you choose, keep the receipt and don’t cut tags off, let him know it’s ok to return it and get the other.

I was a Rawlings Heart of the Hide guy.  Bought him several early on. He became a Wilson A2000 guy once he made his own choice. He does have a “Shoeless Joe” 1B mitt. Cheaper and a soft leather. Almost no break in required. 

The Wilson A2K gloves are made of a higher-quality leather. A2K Gloves have a softer lining that is thicker, stronger, and tighter at the same time. A2K is a softer line that is available for both right and left-handed throwers. A2K Gloves have a softer lining that is thicker, stronger, and tighter at the same time. The Wilson A2000 glove models do not last as long as the Wilson A2K glove models and are also heavier.

I've found sports equipment to be a very personal choice for 99% of players and golfers especially.  When my kids were playing in high school baseball they were very particular about their mitts and cleats.  Of course with three sons, they all wanted different mitt brands (Akadema, Mizuno, Wilson) so hand-me-down gloves weren't possible....  Is there a way you can ask his best friend to surreptitiously find out for you which mitt he prefers?

PS...A funny thing happened in college with my oldest when they had to buy/provide their own mitts.  Everything else (including winter parkas) was covered by the D1 except mitts...apparently there was no glove contract only clothing and bats were provided.  My son would pick one or two of the (free) used mitts donated by the senior class that was kept in the equipment room.  So, apparently brand and personal choice does have a price tag and it is about $200 for a college student who would rather use that $200 toward something else.   Amazing how resourceful and miserly they become with money when it is theirs to manage! 

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@Good Knight posted:

Seriously Fenway.."surreptitiously".

You HA guys have to stop with the big words on a baseball site.

@Good Knight - You've got it 100% wrong.  Recently, I saw that word in a book and I thought I'd take it for a spin.....I promise I had to look up how to spell it!   I'm a 100% knuckle-dragger....born and bred.    I can barely spell HA.   

My kids are another matter thanks to my wife upsetting that genetic equilibrium balance.   I'm swimming in a gene pool I have no right to be swimming in....throw me a life preserver please! 

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