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Before I knew of the hatred of soccer by the baseball world, i had my boys all start playing.  My 2023 just finished his last soccer game he will probably ever play.  He lost 15 lbs running and training for the season.  Thus the 2 sports are intrinsically a bad combo. 

My 6th grader has learned to mock soccer from his older bros and has now quit.   

All said... They are all watching the world cup

My son was a better soccer player than baseball player. In lieu of playing soccer in the summer he attended an elite goalie camp. He had invitations to join a couple of very elite soccer programs. But hey wanted him to drop all other sports. When colleges came calling about soccer he informed them he’s a baseball player first.

I watched the USA-Iran match. I started to watch todays match. But when it became 2-0 I started fast forwarding. When the top sixteen teams are playing it’s difficult to overcome a two goal league. I won’t watch again until the semifinals or championship game.

I don’t watch much soccer. I did watch the MLS championship a couple of weeks ago. It was the first MLS game I’ve ever watched. It was a great game.

I remember the San Diego Sockers used to draw crowds when the played in the NASL (preceded the MLS) and brought in major concert bands. I had a contact through the mayor’s office for free tickets. I was at a game with about 5,000 in the crowd during the game. When Starship took the stage afterwards there were 45,000 in attendance. It was a cheap soccer ticket to a mainstream rock act.

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I will do my part to continue the long standing anti-soccer sentiment of this site. I have no interest in that sport whatsoever  My college girlfriend was a soccer player and I, of course, attended her games to support her. At that time soccer was still a club sport at Texas A&M. So the facilities were substandard, the games were usually early on weekend mornings, it was always cold & wet, and no fans ever attended the games. And it goes without saying that very few goals were scored. The experience soured me on soccer forever.

I don't know how you can't have at least a little curiosity about a sport that is so beloved by literally billions of people.

Plus -- no commercials for 45+ minutes.   You love to love that.   
(though of course you usually miss the only score of the game if you take a bathroom break)

I'm on a break after USA lost, but I'll be back for England vs. France on Saturday -  should be epic.

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