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Congrats to the Bosox!

The Colorado Rockies, 2007 version, was the worst World Series opponent I have ever seen and I go back to the Mel Allen days and WS on daytime television.

A couple of real players and the rest just ????

Look out for the Milwaukee Brewers next year...if they get a frontline pitcher.
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Originally posted by BeenthereIL:
Look out for the Milwaukee Brewers next year...if they get a frontline pitcher.

In June, Chris Capuano came fishing with me as a celeb on my boat for a fundraiser for the Make A Wish Foundation. We, and the people that paid handsomly to fish with Chris, all had a great morning together and caught a bunch of fish.

Capuano never won another game after that.
I didn't watch every pitch, but when I had the time it always seemed like the Rockies batters were getting strikes called that were high a few inches and somtimes outside a few inches. I didn't notice it as much when the Sox were batting. Maybe the Sox batters had a better eye but it didn't look that way to me.

And I am a die hard National League guy. And it doesn't really matter. Like my Dad said when I was 12 and we lost a close basketball game,"It's over son. You did your best."

Great year Rockies!!
I am not sure if the Red Sox won last night or the Rockies lost.

It was one of those games. Roll Eyes

I liked that the previous ring winners stayed back and let the young guys dog pile and enjoy the moment, and I was moved by Bigpapi's tears. What a sweet guy! And I am happy for Dad04, but enough is enough for Boston these days, between BC, The Patriots and the Sox, the Celtics, must be lots of beer flowing these days!

Wasn't Lowell sick when he played for the Marlins? Not sure how many good years he has left, but appears he is a leader and that's needed in any clubhouse.

I just wish Marlins management would spend some bucks for fill ins around the young guys who still have a lot to learn.

I wonder if Steinbrenner is going to let Joe do his own thing?
Where do ya all think Maddingly is gonna go? Would you stick around?

Cards need a GM. Smile
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the rockies were the best in the nl, i'm just not sure how strong the nl is? they made it to the end which is more than the rest can say. i think they have some great young kids that will be around for awhile. probably in the nl east where they can make some money. isn't that where all the money is? it just isn't any where near me.
Originally posted by StyleMismatch:
... was the worst World Series opponent I have ever seen ....

Ahemmm. Each and every player on the Rockies team has accomplished something none of us has (as far as I know), and probably precious few of our kids will do - play in the World Series.

Really.... I agree completely! If that was the worse thing a pro player had to put on his resume.... lost in the World Series 4-0. I bet there's a lot that would trade places with any Colorado player. They got there... many others didn't.

With that said.... I'm so glad the Red Sox won!!! Yeah, Boston!!!
People lets not forget that the Rockies had 8 days between the NLCS and the World Series. Then to make matters worse they had to face two of the greatest post season pitchers in the history of the game (Beckett and Schilling) in games 1 and 2. They were facing an uphill battle from the word go.

I am not trying to take away anything from the BoSox - in fact this is actually praise for how good they are. They beat a VERY good Rockies team like a drum.

Which would have been better for the Rockies -

1. Do what they did and practice in Colorado
2. Go to the minor league complex down south and scrimmage live against minor league pitchers

I would have to lean towards scrimmage live against the minor league pitchers to stay a bit more fresh than just BP but you are risking injury to your players.

I would hate to think you lose Matt Holliday because some Class A pitcher thinks if he blows a fastball by him he will get picked up on the World Series roster.
The fact is the National Leauge is behind in baseball just like the National Conference is behind in football.


Everyone of these teams are better than any team the National League has. Everyone of these teams would have beat the Rockies in the WS. The Rockies had to beat who to get to WS? Can you even remember? Could the Rockies have beaten the Mariners in the WS?

They had a great run to get there. They were the NL champs. They should be proud of that. But the AL is so far ahead of the NL right now its ridiculous. Who would be the favorite if the Indians and Rockies played a WS right now? Who would be the favorite if the Yankees and Rockies played or the Angels and Rockies played?

They dont have the pitching people. They dont have the kind of offense to get past the kind of pitching that the dominant AL teams have. They have the defense. But if you can not score and you can not shut down the others teams offense it doesnt matter. Great season Rockies. Now you better go find some pitching. And you better find a couple of more legit sticks. Or it will be at least another 25 years or so before you make it back to the WS. And then you will probaly get swept again.

It kind of sounds like the NFL doesnt it? Patriots , Colts , Chargers are better than anyone in the NFC. The Super Bowl will be played when the Pats and Colts meet in the playoffs. Then they will have the consolation game called the Super Bowl.

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