The hardest part must be not knowing what became of that young boy.

Some would have left that alone, you couldn't do that, you did what had to be done and you should be very proud of that. It might be the most important call you ever made.  

The story really needs to be told.  Most would say... On that day you were the best umpire on Earth.

I stopped by today to talk to you.....I knew you would be here.  I put you here.  Nothing has changed from the day we met until this very moment. I still wonder... I still mourn....I'm still haunted. What brought you to my mind was a sermon in church one recent Sunday. We were asked who we would most be happy to see if we were fortunate enough to make it to heaven.......... 

I still wonder so much about you. I hope baseball was your refuge. I wonder if you are ok. I wish you ever knew how much you affected my life and my relationships with my son and grandsons........and with the boys I umpire.

I wonder how many others are out there. I wonder if you are happy.

I never saw you again......But I do see you every year, in every young mans face. I look for you in the crowds of ballplayers that I get the privilege to protect every season. I pray for you and me.

I think of you often Kiddo........I have 3 grandsons now.......the oldest is only  8......yes, on a year or two he will be the same age as you were the last time I saw you.........

I hope life has been kinder to you......

My thoughts and prayers for you remain the same......

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