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My 11 th grade son attended the Ed Santa's showcase in Morgantown WV Last Month and has been contacted by Email and US Mail by Two D1 colleges and one D11 and one D111 College. He emailed them all and found out that they liked what they saw and want him to attend their camps to get a better look at him.
One of the D1 invitations is a prospect camp and the others do not say prospect camp specifically. Does that mean there may be less interest. He does play in Youngstown, Ohio Big B Baseball and I know colleges do attend and look at players.
Did anyone else go to the showcase go to the Morgantown WV Showcase this Fall Of 2008. I would like to hear of your experience there.
Thanks Everyone. I appreciate you input
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If Ed is still involved, he will select the best players from all his showcases and a select few others to attend another workout early summer 2009 to form a team to compete at the ECPS.

If you get invited to this tryout, many, many college coaches will be in attendance.

The YTOWN B League is high quality baseball.

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