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Reply to "Golden Posts"

CabbageDad nominated as a golden post  this response by Coach May to a new member who noticed that baseball questions yielded parenting, life and other advice:


Welcome to the site BigJay.

I have seen people's opinion on this site change on topics over the years. Usually it coincides with where their kid is in this whole process. Pre HS days. HS days. College days. Pro days. Post baseball days. People tend to see things much differently depending on their experiences and the experiences of their kids. Along with those experiences are life experiences. Not just baseball related experiences.

Take TPM for instance. I knew her when her son was just a new guy coming into Clemson. A professional player. I met her in Jupiter and we watched my son play. I knew her when her son started his Coaching career. Our conversations over the years have been about many topics. In fact many times not about baseball but about life. Over these years I have learned a lot about many of the poster's on this site. And of course their players. I know PG loves Bacon. I know CD loves Coastal Carolina and who his son's first room mate there was. I know what CD likes to do during his down time. I know TR loved Rock N Roll. And I know what he loved to eat before he went to bed. And there is so much more.

So for me what really makes this site special is I get to know people. I get to watch them change over the years. I get to know their kids. I get to listen to their wisdom and even when I don't agree, no especially when we don't agree I kind of think I learn something. I get to look in the mirror and see if I don't need to take a different look at that deal.

I remember when I first started on this site. I didn't really enjoy listening to parents gripe and b tch about coaches. I came back pretty hard and was closed minded. But the more I listened the more I learned. And I really learned it didn't matter if I agreed with how they felt or not, it was how they felt. And I needed to learn why they felt that way and if there was something I could learn from it to be a better coach. And yes the parents on this site made me a better coach. And some of those conversations that made me a better coach didn't have everything to do with baseball. Sometimes they had nothing to do with a game.

I can tell you this, my opinion on some baseball topics when my kids were 12 are not even close to what they are now. We are strong because we are a diverse group with varying opinions. We are open and honest and willing to share things to help others in the journey. And sometimes that help ends up appearing to have nothing to do with a game. But that game is what brought us here. But for many it's not what keeps us here.

Welcome BigJay.


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