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Originally posted by TxStateBobcat99:
North sweeps
and this one may surprise some of you but i think Mckinney in 3

Bobcat..........We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we got our work cut out for us against Nac. They are as good or better than anyone we've played in 4A this year from what I'm hearing. We will have to play our A game against them to have a chance. I'm hoping our pitching is good enough to keep their bats in check.
Both 9-4A teams won game 1, but it's very possible both could get swept today.

North won Friday 4-3 in the bottom of the 7th. Nacogdoches had 11 hits off of Appleby yesterday. He usually goes 3-4 games before he allows 11 hits. These guys can hit the ball.

McKinney won Thursday night 5-1 on a great pitching performance by Alex Baker and some timely hitting.

I think both teams are visitor's today for game 2. They'll flip for game 3, if necessary, I believe.

North vs. Nac 4:30pm in Mt. Pleasant

McKinney vs. PT 12pm @ McKinney Boyd HS

Good luck to all involved.

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