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Patriot Son will be playing with NCTB Stars. We are driving with another family. Packing all our gear. Let's hear from others that will be there. BTW any locals or veterans with good info on watering holes and BBQ near the fields your input would be appreciated.
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Patriot we will see you there. Parking lot is huge and you can grill anytime except it is going to be really hot! Lots of establishments and hotels around the area complex so lot's of choices depending on your hunger. A favorite of mine is the Elephant Bar, There is a chick Fila for healthy fast food, Also a Cheesecake Factory and the 'Ol Hooters to get some of them wings!

Good luck to Patriot son..is he 1993/1994?
RR23Jr is a 1993 so this would be his last year doing this. Had a good time last year.

I also sent you a PM!

RR23 Smile
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Patriot - we will of course see you there as well. I am looking forward to seeing Patriot Son, the last time I saw him was in Ecuador pitching against Puerto Rico!

Ryanrod23 - Patriot son is a 95

Plan for a great week of baseball. It is going to be hot. This will be our 9th year attend and the heat never seems let up. Plan on 105 to 112 heat. There is plenty around the fields in Peoria to eat and do. We stay in Glendale about 15 minutes away near the football stadium. Plenty to do there like the movies and eat. No outside activities only late in evening when it cools to chilly 95. Start the hydrating before you leave on the trip.

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We will be there. Dman JR is playing with NorCal. He is a '94. He will be playing one of 5 positions on the field. Don't know yet which one or three. For eating, there are several places close to the fields. Typical chain restaurants. If your hotel is somewhere else, PM me, I can probably give you a few choices for food. The general rule is that there are tons of places to eat on Bell road. Go north from the field and then go east(right) on Bell. Tons of places. Desert Ridge is at 101 north and Tatum. Open air mall with some good choices.

There is a new water park that is close. Go up 101 to I-17N, exit Pinnacle Peak Road(west or left), go about 2 miles, it will be on your left. Fun way to cool down. If your kid is pitching against NorCal, I recommend going before the game. Big Grin
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Hey Doughnutman,

I think we played the older Nutty Buddy team . RR23JR was telling me the 3rd base coach keep telling him how is wanting to try to make the Nutty Buddy bullet proof. He thinks he is the owner/developr of the NB sytem.

RR23 Big Grin
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I know a lot of kids who wear them. Nothing but rave reviews. Super comfortable and super safe. Their largest clientele is the martial arts crowd who need flexibility and safety. Plus my son plays for the 15U Nutty Buddy most of the year. Gotta love sponsorship! Big Grin

PS He probably is the owner/developer. Small company who loves baseball.
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After a relatively easy 12 1/2 hour drive, we pulled in last night to our regular hotel down here. The weather is supposed to be relatively decent this year, expected highs in the 103-105 range till Wednesday when it is supposed to rise to 108 for the balance of the week. That's not too bad for Peoria.

We're looking forward to another great week of baseball. This is always one of our favorite tournaments of the summer.
O6 Catcher Dad,

So what team is your son playing with ? I know SGV Baseball,Patriot and Doughnutman's team. RR23Jr will be playing for SABA 520 ELite. Had a chance to play for Angels Amateur Program but circumstance did not allow it. I can only watch thru the weekend as I have some work. Hopefully meet you guys around the diamond. It's all good baseball pretty soon once we get to know the schedules tonight!

Ryan, it's been a while since my son played here, 6 years to be exact. I run the EDH Vipers program, and we have 2 teams here this year. One is our 16u team, and the other is our 14u team which is in the new 14u division that USA Baseball has competing.

Good luck to you guys.
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Thanks CatcherDad06...Not sure who the teams we are facing but we'll do our best!

16U SABA 520 Elite: POOL SCHEDULE (won't meet any of you guys but GOOD LUCK!)

Team Name : SABA 520 Elite
Against : Autin Wings (TX)
When: 06/19/10 11:00 AM
Location Name : Surprise Stadium Rangers #3
Where : Map
Note: 16U USAB West Championships POOL #1

Team Name : SABA 520 Elite
Against : Team Anderson 2013
When: 06/20/10 8:00 AM
Location Name : Camelback Ranch - Glendale Stadium White Sox #5
Where : Map
Note: 16U USAB West Championships POOL #2

Team Name : SABA 520 Elite
Against : San Diego Show Black
When: 06/20/10 2:00 PM
Location Name : Surprise Stadium Rangers #5
Where : Map
Note: 16U USAB West Championships POOL #3

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Doughnutman...Looks like you will face your Nutty Buddy team.. Alex Real won't be there this weekend as he is in PG National. He had a POP UP TIME of 1.82 sec!
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Like 06catchersdad we had a pleasant 12 hour drive to sunny AZ. Opening ceremonies were very special as Patriot Son and Warningtrack Son received their rings for '09 14u team USA. I got all of it on video. Soon to be on YouTube. Contratualtions to all the fine young men that represented us in Ecuador.

This is our first trip to the 16u Championships. What a great baseball venue. Seeing lots of guys that we have meet through the years and looking forward to meeting as many hsbbweb members as we can.

We are staying with a teammates family in Buckeye. Not too far and all the comforts of home.

What a display by the team anderson player winning the homerun derby with 4 BOMBS. I think he should get some respect at the plate this week.

Our first game went very well. 13-0 combined no hitter. Our guys threw strikes and put the ball in play at the plate. Our second game didn't go as well. We couldn't hold a 2-1 lead in the 6th.
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Congrats Patriot and Warning track sons and dads. Great Father's day weekend.

RR23JR and his team went 3-0 this weekend and await re-seeding for tomorrow's games. He got to hit and pitch today and that made my day so special!

Happy Father's Day everyone. Let me know if we are going to meet each other.

RR23 Smile
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