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First thought is why do you like the SS charging? His back is to the important parts of the play and he has a tougher throw to make (unless he's lefthanded!). On a cut the 2b has a better visual and body position. Now if your SS is just a complete dude I guess that could be the best option. With the 2b charging, SS covers and 2b reads the runner at 3b. This would also condense your number of calls, which is always a positive. 

I'd wipe out the pump fake. A better deke is to throw either straight back to the pitcher and read it or just throw to 3b. Most HS kids pump fakes look just like pump fakes and will only get really bad runners. Throwing to the P serves the same purpose.

We have 3 "plays" for this but stay in the same one 99% of the time. This is one of the things I think I overcoached a long time ago, but I've cut back on now. We rep it a little more in the subvarsity practices, so when they get to varsity it should be fairly simple to execute. Realistically, if your guys can play catch, defending 1st/3rds is fairly easy.

As far as signs I just call it from the dugout by touching a part of my face. We don't have the catcher do anything fancy. No real need for deception. 

Just my $.02. Other guys may have better advice.

I agree just normally on any steal or fake bunt steal SS is already going to 2B.  If 2B cuts it it seems he has to run in front of runner/base path and the throw will be over a RHP falling off mound in line with throw to second baseman coming up.  I like the 2B cutting just seems like a lot in his way.  Should be playing more up the middle anyways.

Figure you need

Call for throw to 3B

Call for a cutman

Call for throw through to 2B

Call for pumpfake/throw to pitcher.


I particularly like 2B stepping into the baseline 5 feet from the bag.  Most teams use the "stop-steal" where their runner has been told to stop and get in a run down.  So, I cut that distance down by having 2B go there.  We got a lot of outs that way.  Also, most times, the runner on 3B is watching the progressions of pitcher and find SS.  They don't look 2B.  Just a thought.  

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