I guess I've been more absent last year, as well as most of this year, than I thought. Sorry, all.

In 2009 I listed the HSBBW draftees half-way down this page. Can anyone help with the 2010 draftees as well as this potential draftees this year?

This would have been son's college draft year and a couple of his old teammates will be called early, so I have a little extra interest this time around.

Best wishes to all tonight and in the following days.
Originally posted by justbaseball:
3 kids from my son's summer travel team picked on Day-1. Ross (Padres) #25, Stephenson (Reds) #27 and Goeddel (Rays)#41.

All nice families. Congrats to them all!

Beat me by 1. Do I get extra points if we can add weight to the picks? Big Grin

Danny Hultzen #2

Jackie Bradley #40
Originally posted by MarlinsMS_35:
My HS Team:
Michael Kelly- Padres: 1st Round Comp A (48)
Tyler Greene- Phillies: 11th Round (361)

Summer team in '09:
Brandon Bonilla- Rockies: 37th Round (1128)

Other players from my area

I saw that Kelly went high but the Padres third pick, wonder if he will give up the opportunity to play with the Gators.

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