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MCYSA is preparing to host its annual international tournament in 2016.  The tournament will be divided into 2 sessions with both being its own separate tournament.  Session 1 is from July 22-25 and session 2 runs from July 28-31.  For more information contact Ted at  Please include your phone number.

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The change was done in response to several potential teams over the years saying the tournament's length caused issues with high school football along with the costs associated with lodging etc..  When we began 24 years ago, we were the end of the season destination tournament for many.  Over the years, local summer leagues have disappeared and every weekend is a tournament with additional costs for the players and their families.  

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If you are even thinking of playing in this tourney I would urge you to get off the fence and sign up.  My son played in it a few years back and its a great tourney to play in.  In addition to the international teams the US based teams come from around the US and are usually quality teams.  The folks running this tourney do a great job of making sure everything is running smoothly and also ensure everyone is having fun.  The kids love playing teams from other parts of the world.  Very interesting watching how teams from Japan, Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic approach the game.


I can't say enough good things about this tourney. 

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