UVA recently received a verbal from 2020 MIF Nic Britt from Greenbrier Christian Academy.

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Good for him. Not sure I would want my grandson making that choice  4 year out.

Many things can change. Plus you miss out on all the stuff that comes with recruiting.

1.Seeing other schools

2. Meeting other coaches.


Wonder if he will end up at UVA.

We will wait and see.


Congrats on all those who commit, big step.  Just wondering if any stats are kept for early (frosh,soph) high school verbals actually go there 2 - 4 years later, and if they became big contributors (baseball wise) to the program.  I would guess by the time graduation rolls around some are not the high prospect they were at 14/15 years old.  I get it that some use verbals as leverage when the draft comes around with little intention of going to a major college.  I've seen early commits to D1, they attend, never get off the bench, in over their heads, and ultimately transfer out after 1 or 2 years.  Kind of ties your hand when we preach go to where you are loved, the right fit, place where you enjoy college life. 

As to those who end up attending where they commit, I would say it's well north of 95%.  There are rare exceptions, and those are often due to things like DUI's or other misconduct, poor grades (can't get through admissions), and only in rare situations from one side or the other changing their mind.

As to using verbals as draft leverage:  Every high level player I know commits to a college, and NLI signings occur prior to the draft.  There are no guarantees in the draft.  College programs obviously know all about the draft risk to them, and each head coach has his own philosophy about whether or when to take on the risk of losing a recruit to the pros.  Pros know that some colleges are harder to pry players away from than others; e.g., Stanford recruits tend to value education quite highly and have a strong record of showing up on campus, so they often end up labelled "unsignable."

As to playing time, no early commitment guarantees playing time.  You get to be one of maybe 35 guys, and that's it.  Anyone can look at the stat sheets after seasons end and realize that there are a ton of guys who don't play much.  There are no promises here; all a commitment provides is an opportunity, your foot in the door.  Some take advantage, some don't.  Some get hurt and plans get derailed.  Some don't like the college, or don't do well there academically, or for other reasons quit or transfer.  All these things are known possibilities.

Those things being said, I would discourage you from thinking that these commitments aren't real, or aren't valuable.  You would be led astray by such thinking.

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