I posted this somewhere else about a year ago.  Just used the stuff again this week. Still love it. So, I thought I would share it here in case it may be helpful to others:

In the past, I have used Rawlings Glovolium, Sandalady Glove Stuff and Lexol Leather Conditioner on gloves (in that order).

Now, I decided to try 2BWAX Glove Conditioner. And, I don't see myself using anything but it going forward. It does the job, goes on easy, doesn't permanently stain the glove or make it heavy, and is not a mess. (I say "permanently" because it sometimes temporarily makes very light gloves darker when you put it on - but, within a couple of hours, the natural glove color returns.)

It's not cheap. One tin, which is about 2 inches in diameter, goes for $17 (as I write this). But, I have easily used one tin (so far) a dozen times (on 7 different gloves - Rawlings and Wilson) and there's still some left in the can. So, I guess you can consider it to run about a buck an application.

I never thought that a "wax" would be something for me. I never heard of 2BWAX until 3 months ago (when it was recommended by a glove repair guy). 

Like I said, it goes on easy. It restores and conditions. And, they say that it also weatherproofs - which I would believe too. 

Per their website: It's formulated from a blend of natural oils, beeswax and resin. The beeswax and resin maintain the surface of the leather, while the blend of natural oils penetrates to lubricate the inner fiber.

I'm not telling you to run out and get it. (Also, for the record, I have NOTHING to do with the company - at all!) But, if you once heard about it, and were considering it, I can tell you that I used it and thought it was one of the better things out there (for this purpose).

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I like shaving creme, any brand that has lanolin in it. It works nice for cleaning and conditioning the glove. $3

Francis7 posted:

Do many still have lanolin in them?

Not many. You will have to look.  There is a Barbasol variety that has lanolin. 

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