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3/6 Scores for Lamar

Lamar 0 3 0
LD Bell 2 2 0


Lamar hung tough against the Bartsch. Porter, a soph., did an excellent job holding down Bell for the most part.

Lubb. Coronado 9 9 3
Arlington lamar 3 7 5

WP:Hunter Scott
LP:Parker Robinson

Hunter Scott is one to watch from Coronado. Little wild in the first but once he settled in he did a really good job. The kid throws pretty hard and mixed his pitches well.
Plano East beat Justin NW 15-7 and Amarillo 10-3. Kameron Wilding was the story for East as he continued his red hot streak hitting two HR's and 9 RBI's as the DH. His second HR was a first inning grand slam off of Amarillo's Ryan Houston (he beat Southlake 2-1 last year in the first game of the Region 1 semifinals). Reid Landers and Sam Arrieta pitched complete games.
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Whoever thinks Lipka is not among the top players (regardless of age) in the country please raise your hand...

I was at their 2 games on Thursday and yes the wind was blowing out...for all players and both teams. Against Richardson he was the only one to hit like he did, and it looked easy for him (albeit against a junk-ball pitcher). Interestingly probably his hardest hit he had did not leave the park, but was a line drive that hit the middle of the left field fence without reaching 25 feet off the ground.

My guess is that the Plano West game you mention was a fluke and just because he has an off game, statistically speaking, means nothing. 3 Dingers in a game is impressive.

Lipka is big, hits with power, is fast as lightning, great range from SS and 90 across the diamond.

Richardson does not have much but they do have a couple kids who can play...Lipka controlled them pretty well but one kid (didn't catch the name but has long red hair) hit him pretty good with a couple doubles if I remember right. Don't remember where he was on the field, must be my age...Anyone know this kid?

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