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Boys, the new season is upon us…The grass is cut, The skies are blue & The lines are chalked. For some of us, we play under the lights…For some of us, we play weekend doubleheaders. Wherever you call your baseball home & whatever level you play at, we all want to experience success. Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. Here are 5 Tips For A Successful 2016 Season:

Create Short Terms Goals…Each DAY have a goal or goals that you want to achieve. Whether that be learning something new, becoming a better teammate, making someones day, or making every play in the field. Seek to achieve that goal or goals & watch your Short Term Goals lead to achieving your Long Term Goals.

Become Mentally Organized…With the season upon us, comes an additional responsibility along with classes, family and relationships. Simplify your life on & off of the field by laying out what is most important to you & what isn’t & organize the time in your mind to achieve what you need to achieve.

Be An Energy Giver…To yourself, Your teammates & Your coaches. EVERYDAY show up with your idea of positivity. Communicate with those around you & continue to inspire.

Visualize Positive Outcomes…Play the game the night before, the hour before, the pitch before. Put yourself in every situation whether that be at the plate with the bases loaded or on the mound needing a big strikeout. See yourself achieving the success that you desire…Positive Thoughts=Positive Results.

Be In The Present Moment…When your at the plate, your at the plate. When your on the mound, your on the mound. When your putting your uniform on, your putting your uniform on. When your taking pregame, your taking pregame. Nothing else matters when your in the present moment. Focus on the task at hand and attack it with everything you have.

I wish you a successful 2016 Season…continue being YOU!

Stu Cohen

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