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Coppell 5
Cedar Hill 3

WP: Watten SV DeLaChappelle
LP Brown

Excellent Fans and Good Umpires but not quite good enough to get their own post.

Chuck Brown held Coppell to 4 hits and looked good and pitched a complete game.
Watten looked even better, velocity and movement but tired a bit and DeLaChappelle came in the close the game.

Cedar Park was dry. There was even some cracked ground at the park. I just hope we can get game two in tomorrow night at Coppell.
Yes, the schedule is correct for Duncanville/SLC. Duncanville received a 10 minute downpour around 5 pm that wiped out the mound and flooded 3rd base & short stop area. They had lanterns, blowers, rakes and sand out there, had the field ready at 7:30, but SLC didn't want to play on it. Rombach was ready to play.

So it's off to SLC this afternoon. Why doesn't SLC have lights at their field???
On SLC: Because they pour all their money into football. Big Grin

Actually it might be a city ordinance against those types of lights in a residental area, but not sure on that.

The Plano school districts didn't have them until last year and I think that was a matter of until we can light them all (money) then none get lighted.

On P. Springer: keep pitching to him I want to see him set a new record at Denton, how cool would that be.
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DT-I asked the same question to ex-coach Drew Webb yesterday and he confirmed it would be a coin toss if everyone got rained out. That's just not right-IMO.
My wife made the comment this morning about the fields and what our district would be doing to get them ready if this was a big football game. You can imagine what she said. I did not respond. (I am also a huge CHS football fan) But, I got her point. Rumor is we may play at 4 at the old field behind the high school-waiting to hear.
Originally posted by ACowboy:
Originally posted by allsportsmom:
Why doesn't SLC have lights at their field???

SLC fans speak up, but my understanding is "it's the neighbors", literally.

Not from SL, but I know several people who are. The local neighborhood has successfully defeated attempts for lights on the SLC field, twice I think. Once, when the field was built originally, and once they were going to host a TCL team, but when they killed the lights deal, that team went to Colleyville Heritage for the summer.

I have heard that there are plans to build a HS size field at Bicentennial Park down the road a little and the team would play there. Don't know what the timetable is on that.
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