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Game 1
McKinney North 4 8 1
Nacogdoches 3 11 0

WP-Trent Appleby (goes to 9-0 on the season, 20-0 over the last 2 years)

LH-North Erik "Woody" Ross 3-4 1-2B 2-RS 2-RBI 1-SB
LH-Nac-Wier 3-4 1R 1-2B; Lunsford 2-3; Canty 2-4
GWH-Trent Appleby

Scored a run in the bottom of the 7th with 2 outs to win the game.

Nacogdoches is a good team. They can flat out hit the ball.

Game 2 tomorrow @ 4:30pm in Mt. Pleasant

Steed on the mound for North
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Houston St. Thomas 3
Trinity Christian 1

TCA played well and had good pitching, we just couldn't string together the hits and walks at the right time to be able to get baserunners in. It felt like we left a ton of runners on base.

Best of luck to Houston St. Thomas who will be playing Houston St. Piux in the 6A TAPPS final on Saturday.
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What appeared to be a possible run rule by Martin turned out to be a 1 run game. Marcus gave up 6 HR's to Martin and after Griffin left the mound Marcus was able to string together some runs on mostly errors and walks.

Last time I looked at the scoreboard Martin had 18 hits and Marcus had 8 hits, it was some kind of night.

WP: Griffin
LP: Pitts

Next game tomorrow 12nn at Martin with game 3 thirty minutes after game 2.

Congrats Denton on your win!

Congrats to FMHS on their win they will face either Marcus or A. Martin next week.

Congrats to McKinney North on their win as well!

Cheapseats: I was rooting for you and hoped you guys were going to repeat, so sorry for your loss Frown
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You have raised a very nice young man and I know you are very proud of him, as you should be. Last night, after the game I was standing w/the Marcus parents and much to my surprise, your son was walking out and remembered me from our meeting last Feb., he walked over and said hello and we had a very nice talk. Not only is he a very good pitcher but a great kid he will go far w/this sport and with life.

See you at the field today and BTW could you guys remember, this time, to leave some of those bats at home, come on 6 HR's in a game last night, 3 of them were in a row.......that was just cruel and unusual punishment! Eek
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11sDad nice meeting you last night, what a game.
Wish I could have stayed for the ending had a daughter
stranded in Southlake, so had to get her.

And was I lucky the Expedition that had it's rear window knocked out by one of those great home runs
was sitting right next to my car!!! Eek

Good luck to you and OBN on today no matter what you
both have really great team.
Thanks for the well wishes, unfortunatly things didn't work out for us so we send A. Martin on to face FMHS next week.

So sorry about your loss in the Semi's down in Waco I was really hoping TCA would repeat this year. I wish your son the best this summer and hope that next year TCA returns to Waco for another chance at the title!!!

COLLIKAR AND SKYSTHELIMIT: Thank you for the support and the kind words. It was 2 very good games and I wish A. Martin nothing but the best, they are a talented team w/classy parents and it will be a great matchup next week against FMHS... What a series Big Bats and Good Pitching on both sides..... might just have to venture down the road and catch a game........
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A tear trickles cry as I think back to the Coyote/Marauder days. You have a great journey ahead as the mom of a young man who knows what he wants to do and has the vision to go towards that goal.

The best is yet to come...enjoy the work you have done with Britton flourish...

Stay with us suckers who still have to watch this ****... Big Grin

Tbird Dad,

Funny you mentioned the old days tonight because these past 2 days I have been in the process of putting together my son's senior board for our baseball banquet and I just finished looking at the hords of pics from the Marauder (youth/select team)/Coyote days.

I thought these past 4 years would have been the best years of baseball but after looking at these old pics I realized that those days, of the Select Marauder team. were some of the best years ever.

Each picture I picked up I saw the biggest/puriest smile on my son's face, a smile I didn't see much this year on the baseball field. Those days were truly baseball at it's best for him and for our family. If only the HS years had provided as many smiles as those days did Frown.............

During the HS years it has been so great to run into players/coaches and parents from those early days, the kinship is still there. Between those friendships and the ones I have made on this website I don't think there was ever a HS game I went to that there wasn't a familiar face.

Because of these relationships w/players and their families, on opposing teams. it really got complicated cheering for my son's team because I always had that little inner cheer going for the player on the other team that I had a connection to.

Cool thing was that even if our team lost it was still a victory for someone "in the family".

It has been great to reconnect w/you and Collikar and the other coyote players, your son was a talent then and continues to be so now!

Have a great summer w/the Mustangs!!!!! Keep making memories and keep in touch.

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